How to Set up Medical Data on an iPhone

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard the phrase that says that health is the most important thing and it is totally true. That is why it is important to know the functionalities that our iPhone can give us in this area, being able to configure health data with which to keep our own control or that are the health workers who can access them in emergencies.

Set up Medical Data on an iPhone

What are health data for iOS?

One of the native applications that you will have seen coming to the iPhone is Health, which cannot be removed and will therefore always be on your phone. This app allows you to add certain data related to your health, such as height, weight, conditions and others that we will see in the next section. All this is stored in the device and it is possible to download data from the Apple Watch related to heart rate or ECG if you have a Series 4 or Series 5.

emergencia SOS iPhone

One of the utilities that it has is that the emergency services can access the most useful information from the locked screen, with the same gesture as that performed to turn off the device. Therefore it is possible to access them without code and without Face ID or Touch ID. This is something that is very widespread in countries like the United States and despite the fact that in countries like Spain it is just as accessible, it is not as standardized and many healthcare professionals are unaware of these features.

Set health data

To start configuring your health data on the iPhone you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Health app.
  • Go to the Summary tab.
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Health Profile and then “Edit”. perfil salud iphone
    • Name
    • Surnames
    • Birthdate
    • Sex
    • Blood group (option A +, A-, B +, B-, AB +, AB-, 0+ and 0-)
    • Phototype
    • Wheelchair (Undefined, No and Yes option)
  • Press back and then Medical Data, where you will have to click “Edit” to configure the following data:
    • Photo
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Medical conditions
    • Medical notes
    • Allergic reactions
    • Medication
    • Add blood group (Undefined option, A +, A-, B +, B-, AB +, AB-, 0+ and 0-)
    • Add organ donor (option Undefined, Yes and No)
    • Add primary language
    • Add emergency contacts
    • See when it is blocked (if you deactivate this function, your health data will not be accessible without a code)
    • Delete medical data

It should be noted that you can export all health data in PDF format to any other device and from any messaging service, which can be very useful if you want to present a report to a health professional.

Other data from the Health app

If you look at the Explore tab of the app, you will find other useful information that will be automatically registered on your phone. They are as follows:

Explorar app Salud iPhone

  • Activity : available if you have an Apple Watch, being able to see data on calories burned, steps taken or distance traveled, among others.
  • Mindfulness : allows you to record all the times we have been actively and openly paying attention at any given time.
  • Hearing : Perform a series of noise exposure monitoring with and without headphones, with the help of the Apple Watch on many occasions.
  • Vital signs : indicates data related to heart and respiratory rate, importing data from the Apple Watch.
  • Cycle Control : part in which women in the menstrual period will be able to record their data.
  • Heart heart rate, heart rate variability, and ECG data.
  • Body measurements : If you are thinking of getting in shape, this section will record data on your body mass.
  • Nutrition : section where you can keep a complete record of your diet.
  • Other information: record of activities such as sex, tooth brushing, blood glucose and others.
  • Breathing : If you use the Breathe app on Apple Watch, all data will be recorded here.
  • Sleep : section in which you will be able to know data related to sleep if you use Apple Watch applications specialized in it.
  • Clinical documents : access to all the clinical documents you have stored.

Delete or edit health data

If at any time there is a relevant change in your health that you think is appropriate to modify in the app, you can do so by following the same steps mentioned above. If you wanted to delete them you could also do it, in this case from the option to edit the medical data and sliding down.