Send emails completely anonymously with SendMail

Email has become in recent years a means of communication widely used by users. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities to be in contact with friends and family. Some services may be more privacy and security oriented, while others may have more features. Today we are going to talk about a service that focuses on privacy. We will explain how to send anonymous emails with SendMail .

The importance of email today

The way we communicate has changed over time. Nowadays Internet is essential for daily communications. Part of the fault is the e-mail , which is present on any device and serves to be in contact at the business level and also at the user level.

Email Service
Email Service

We have many options in this regard. Many platforms that allow us to send and receive emails easily. Now, privacy and security are not always safe. Many email services may use our information for commercial purposes. We can also run into platforms that may be unsafe.

We already know that privacy today is very important for Internet users. That is why many choose to use alternative tools where their data can be more secure.

We do not always want our information, such as the email address, to be filtered. Let’s talk about SendMail , a service that allows us to send emails anonymously.

SendMail, the service that allows you to send anonymous emails

SendMail is an interesting option to send e-mails completely anonymously . It offers a simple interface from which we can send emails to any contact without having to use our personal address.

Beyond allowing only to send an email anonymously, without having to show our address, it also offers us the possibility of receiving a notification when that email has been read. In this way we can know if the person to whom we have sent that e-mail has read it.

This makes it different from other similar services in which we can also send emails anonymously, but does not have notification to know if they have read it.

How to use SendMail

To start using SendMail, the first thing we have to do is enter its official website . There we will see a first screen where the body will appear to compose a message. We will see the space to enter the recipient’s e-mail, the possibility of sending it to another, as well as a title and the message itself.

Enviar correos anónimos con SendMail

Below we will see the option to send us a statement when that person has read it. There we can put our email address to receive that notification. That address does not necessarily have to be ours, since we can create a temporary e-mail for that purpose.

As we see, SendMail is a very simple service. We do not need to register , nor install anything. Everything that is required is on the initial screen when we enter the website. There we will find all the options to send an e-mail completely anonymously.

It is a simple platform, but it has the basics to send anonymous emails and also inform us if the person to whom we have sent that e-mail has read it or not.

As mentioned earlier, there are different tools and methods to send anonymous emails. We can make use of different services that offer this function, as well as complement it with the use of VPN to encrypt our connection and make it even more anonymous.

However, in most cases it is required to install programs or some type of tool. We may also have to register for that service. In the case of SendMail it is all simpler and faster, since it does not require anything mentioned.

In short, if you are looking to send an e-mail completely anonymously, you can use SendMail. It is a simple, fast service and also informs us if the recipient has opened the mail.