Prepare the units! The best strategy games for Android

Strategy games have been one of the most popular genres in PCs historically. Gradually some were appearing on the console, but with the arrival of Android this type of games were shot on the platform. So we bring you the best strategy games for Android.

There are many strategy games, but we recommend many of those who have made this genre thrive on Android and become one of the best platforms to play this genre that is so popular among millions of users. That said and without further ado, here are the best games to break your head thinking how to get the victory.

Clash of Clans – The One Who Started Everything

It is clear that one of the games that most propelled the genre on Android was Clash of Clans. In this game you will have to create your own village and defend it from those who try to invade it. A classic premise that never fails to entertain. With a huge community Clash of Clans has become a champion of Android games.

Developer: Supercell
Price: Free Install

Clash Royale – The competitive game par excellence

And from the creators of Clash of Clans came Clash Royale. A game of strategy but real-time fighting. The game that has created the most competitive game on Android, being one of the most entertaining games we can have on our mobile. Of course, you will have to be willing to live the dynamism offered by this delivery compared to others of the genre.

Developer: Supercell
Price: Free Install

Plague Inc. – Can you infect the world?

The premise of this game is to infect the world. Yes, maybe that sounds weird, wait for us to tell you. In Plague Inc you have to create your own disease and spread it worldwide. But don’t think it’s so easy, humans will try to counteract with vaccines and cures. Add effects, add difficulties and prevent your disease from regressing.

Price: Free Install

ROME: Total War – Live the glory of Rome

The next game is ROME: Total War. In this game you will have to organize your Roman Empire troops to conquer everything that lies ahead. Massive battles with hundreds and hundreds of soldiers and 19 playable factions. It is clear that you will not get bored with all the options they offer.

Price: € 10.99 Install

DomiNations – Historical War

In DomiNations you can create a civilization from scratch and fight or be supported by great personalities of history such as Leonardo Da Vinci. Move forward in history until you reach the space age, going through all periods of history in your epic battles.

Price: Free Install

Fallout Shelter – Survive Nuclear Radiation

If you are habitual players in console or PC sure you know the Fallout saga, this saga of post-apocalyptic nuclear survival. In this case you will have to control the shelter so that most of humanity can survive the nuclear disaster out there. As the shelter grows, so will the amount of things to do and control.

Price: Free Install

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Become the Emperor of the Four Kingdoms

In Empire: Four Kingdoms you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a medieval king, and you will have to build your kingdom and defeat all your enemies. A medieval fantasy game of the most complete.

Developer: Goodgame Studios
Price: Free Install

Plants vs. Zombies – A classic of the genre

If there is a game that we can play on Android for years, this is Plants Vs Zombies. Its premise is clear, it avoids the zombies arriving defeating them with different plants. Yes, in this case your soldiers are plants, but don’t worry, they are great warriors.

Price: Free Install

XCOM: Enemy Within – Enemies that are from another planet

Another one that cannot be missed is XCOM: Enemy Within. This game changes medieval fantasies with the futuristic war in which you will have to face all kinds of enemies, including aliens. Doesn’t sound bad right? You better try it for yourself and discover everything that this title offers you.

Developer: 2K, Inc.
Price: € 5.49 Install

Kingdom Rush – Frantic Action

And finally we have Kingdom Rush. This game is one of the Android strategy classics. Mind you, get ready for a frantic action and a screen full of enemies and objects.

Price: Free

These are our recommendations for best strategy games for Android. What are your recommendations? Would you add any more to the list?