Selling used mobiles on Amazon: better or worse than Wallapop?

If you have considered making money with your old mobile or you want to renew the one you have, surely you have considered putting it up for sale on different sites. Among them, one of the most interesting possibilities that you can think of is Amazon, since it has a good number of users and you could easily sell it.

On paper, the idea is great and you will surely get extra money with your old mobile , but is it worth it? Is it more profitable than Wallapop or should you consider other options? We tell you if the best option for you is to sell a used mobile on Amazon or there are better ones. In addition, in case you finally decide to do it through Amazon, we help you to know how to do it easily.

Selling used mobiles on Amazon

Selling mobiles on Amazon is very simple

The only thing you have to do to put any mobile phone on Amazon for sale is to enter this website and indicate all the characteristics of it. They give you a request for some data and they will tell you if your device is eligible for sale. It will need to power up and function properly, have a working screen and body, working buttons and so on. Depending on the data you have indicated, they will make you an approximate appraisal . There are mobiles that will not accept, so you can get some surprise.

The next thing you should do is send the phone by choosing the free shipping option that interests you the most, so they can examine it. Do not forget to reset and delete all data, accounts and others before sending it. If you meet the terms of service, the money will be credited to your bank account. That’s it, you don’t have to negotiate, answer messages, receive even more derisory offers than Amazon offers you, or wait for the deal to be confirmed. Your payment will arrive in 48 hours from the validation by quality experts.


The main drawback is that they won’t give you much for your old mobile and it will probably be more interesting for you to choose other sites instead of Amazon, unless you are in a hurry or have not found a buyer elsewhere. To give you an idea, they can give you only 27 euros for a 128 GB Redmi Note 11S in good condition or 32 euros if it is in perfect condition. For a 128 GB iPhone 13 they will pay you 352 euros. If it is in perfect condition, they will give you 379 euros. For the same mobile you could ask Wallapop, for example, triple, and easily receive offers much higher than what Amazon offers.

Why sell or why not on Amazon?

There are reasons why you may want to opt for Amazon:

  • It’s simple and fast
  • You don’t have to negotiate anything
  • Nobody has to know that you are selling your smartphone
  • The sale is made on the spot
  • You should not go anywhere to carry your mobile
  • You will receive the money very soon

Amazon’s main drawbacks are:

  • They will give you very little money for it.
  • They do not accept all mobiles
  • It has to be in good condition
  • They can offer you an amount and be lower or not pay you after your review

Why opt for other sales sites?

If you are thinking about Wallapop, forums, buying and selling pages, auction sites and other websites, as well as stores near you, the main advantages are :

  • You will earn more for your mobile (up to triple what they would pay you on Amazon)
  • You can sell any smartphone, as long as someone wants it
  • It does not have to be in perfect condition, you can even offer it for parts

trucos de Wallapop ofertones

The most notable drawbacks are these:

  • The sale is not immediate
  • You may have to negotiate with several interested parties
  • There are people who make ridiculous offers or do not take it seriously
  • You would have to stay somewhere or send it by agreeing with the buyer

Which is the best option?

If you don’t want to break your head selling your old mobile , you can do it easily and in minutes through Amazon, indicating the data that appears on the page and sending it to the Marketplace without paying anything for shipping. In this way, the money will be credited to your account within a maximum period of 48 hours from its review.

vender viejo móvil que hacer

However, the most profitable and successful thing you can do is try to sell it on other sites. You will surely get much more money for the same smartphone and it is very likely that you will find a buyer in a short time if you put a suitable price. Even if you are not in a hurry, you can earn much more with it. Also, sometimes you will receive the money sooner because you can negotiate the sale and meet with the buyer on the same day. If it is from afar, you will have the option of sending it by courier at no cost to you.

Also, you can promote it wherever you want , without exclusivity. On sites such as classified ads websites, social networks, Wallapop, etc. Even take it to a second-hand store and appraise it, although it will be less profitable than if you sell it directly without intermediaries. Although the decision is up to you, Amazon is not the first best option you have.