Lots of battery or amazing fast charging. What should my new mobile have?

Smartphones have changed a lot in the last twenty years, we have gone from not worrying at all about how long a phone lasts on, to focusing more on fast charging than on the time it can give us autonomy . With the evolution of technologies, the way of choosing a phone has also changed and for this reason, we have to start asking ourselves very different questions than before.

What should my new mobile have

There are those who are very clear about what is best for them, putting loading speed above all else, while others value much more the on-screen time they offer. The latter usually explain their preference based on the fact that fast charging destroys the cells or at least degrades them, something that has been shown on numerous occasions not to be true, since with current technology the effects are almost nil.

This leads us to a crossroads, before which we can only give a solution and it goes through our own needs.

Only you have the answer: How do you use your mobile?

It may seem like a very basic question, although these are usually the most complex to answer. Depending on the time we have to use the mobile on a regular day, the place where we use it or even the emergencies that may arise, we will have to focus our purchase decision. To make it easier for you to get an idea, we are going to present two very different scenarios to each other and depending on which one is most similar to your circumstances, you will have to choose a smartphone looking at one aspect or the other.

I usually have a plug very close

The first situation we face is that of those people who have a plug at their disposal most of the day or at least are going to be able to leave their mobile charging in a safe place . Some situations that invite us not to have to worry about whether we only have a 30% battery or more, since we can connect the phone at any time.

Xiaomi 12T

In this situation, therefore, the important thing will be to look at fast charging, so that, if in a specific case we only have 10 minutes of time left to charge the mobile, we can leave with the phone full of energy. Luckily for us, now even mid-range terminals have these extras, we show you some of the best exponents that you can buy:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro +: the fast charge is 120W, quite a pass, since it allows us to charge it to 100% in just 15 minutes.
  • Oppo Find X5 : in this case we come across 80W of power, an important number that allows it to be charged in record time.
  • Xiaomi 12T : in this case Xiaomi’s 120W returns to the scene, achieving an incredible result in a larger cell.

I don’t have time to connect the mobile

The other case in which many users find themselves occurs when we do not even have the possibility of leaving our smartphone connected to the current for 5 minutes, either because we have to continually answer calls or send messages and emails. For these cases, the best solution is to boast of autonomy, reaching the end of the day without having to plug the mobile into the current.

HONOR Magic5 Lite

Unfortunately, there are not many smartphones that can assure us that they will last our pace very early, although some can with it, we show you the best examples:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max : the star of Apple cannot be missing, a phone that gets many hours of screen time thanks to system optimization.
  • Samsung Galaxy M53 5G: for years this series of Samsung phones has taken advantage of its battery and this is the best example of this.
  • Honor Magic5 Lite 5G : one of the surprises of 2023 in autonomy is this phone that has won worldwide applause for its good battery life.

The perfect balance is tricky

The ideal and what we all want is that our mobiles have the best of both worlds , on the one hand, that they give us an insurmountable charge and at the same time the autonomy that we all want. That is what the manufacturers are trying to achieve with their latest models, something that we already assure, they are managing to achieve. However, to enjoy this, we have to go through the checkout and it is that the smartphones that currently ensure this, beyond the aforementioned Xiaomi 12T, are the new Xiaomi 13 with a Leica camera or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. We trust that throughout this year other models will continue to come out that can boast such charging speed and autonomy.