SelfieType: Samsung’s Virtual Keyboard with Artificial Intelligence

Samsung has presented a virtual keyboard that, through the recognition of images through the front camera and the use of artificial intelligence, is the closest thing to that holographic keyboard that for many years thought that it would reach the iPhone and a bet so that in the Future does not need a physical keyboard.

selfitype-6SelfieType, say goodbye to the keyboard

The idea of being able to type on a smartphone in the same way as if you did it on a conventional physical keyboard, but without actually having it is nothing new. If you have been following the technological news for some time, you will probably remember that famous holographic keyboard that many thought the iPhone would include.

Well, really today there are still those who keep asking (although to a lesser extent) if that keyboard will reach the new iPhone that Apple presents every year. Well, now Samsung goes and takes advantage of its conference at CES 2020 to show SelfieType, a new and striking proposal, a virtual and invisible keyboard that promises that futuristic writing experience where you will not need to place your smartphone, tablet or all-screen device on a flat surface.

From there begins the “magic”, and this keyboard is not like those other accessories that did see the light and that through the use of a laser projection are able to detect when one of those beams of light is interrupted, moment in which a keystroke would occur. Here’s something else, but before telling you how it really works, check out the following video posted by the company about SelfieType.

SelfieType makes use of the device’s front camera and enhanced software with its own artificial intelligence. In this way, the camera records in real time all the images of the hands moving in the same way as if you were typing with a physical keyboard. These captures are analyzed through AI and translated into the keystrokes that would then be made on that virtual keyboard that appears on the screen and that, for now, would serve as a reference when writing.

Exactly, as you can see in the video, SelfieType does not seem to have device limitation and could be used in any you can imagine. All you need is to place it on a fixed surface where you can capture that necessary information. Although if we are realistic do not expect it with the launch of the next Samsung Galaxy.

Technology is not impossible, but for now it is just a concept and idea of innovation that are working in the C-Lab department of Samsung. There is a lot of work ahead of us, because at the beginning we have some challenges to overcome, such as the response time between each “press” and its on-screen display, the extent to which it will be easy for the user without having a visual or tactile reference, themes away from your hands to the smartphone so that it captures well and “matches” with your keyboard, etc.

The positive thing is that work is already being done on it, that it will materialize will be a matter of time and how both cameras and AI advance. Because we already know that tricks like these have always been, if it was not a keyboard it was the screen control by gestures in the air, through eye movement, etc. Functions that were launched, but that later were not as efficient and agile in the day to day. But as a technology and project it will be interesting to see how it evolves.