Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, find objects to solve puzzles

SeekersNotesPuzzle games are a good option for those who have a mobile terminal, either a smartphone or a tablet. Luckily, for some time there are more possibilities for Android than those of placing pieces taking into account the drawing or shape, and an example is Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery where there are many mysteries to solve and that offers a wide compatibility with the terminals Android

This development does not offer something completely new since, what you have to do to get advanced by the many levels it offers, is to find the objects that are in a list that are hidden in the different locations that exist in this game (like, for example, an office, the train station or the village church). For this, the main thing is to have a lot of patience and great attention … something that sometimes is not usual and for them it goes unnoticed what has to be located. The case is that it mixes simplicity and challenge correctly, and this is very positive.

The use is the simplest, since everything is controlled with the touch screen of the mobile terminal that has since it is pressed here in the places where there are objects and, also, in the different options that can be chosen as they can to be the menus to use or to go advanced in the narration of a story that must be said that it is well worked and that allows to be introduced well in the subject of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. We must congratulate the creators for this.

Graphically the game has many successes, since art is very striking and attractive creations, so there is always something that attracts attention at the different levels that exist in the game (the sound, of course, is completely inconsequential). As for the requirements of phones and tablets, everything is well sized because in the input range model with only 2 GB everything works really well … excellent, there is.

Playing Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Everything being very simple, the truth is that the challenges are complex enough to spend a good amount of time in front of the mobile terminal you have. You just have to locate the hidden objects and for this you can from zooming to asking for help (which is worn out and that has to be achieved again with the money that is achieved by solving the existing levels in the game). The fact is that we have discounted that Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery offers a lot of hours of play that, yes, in some moments it becomes repetitive .

There are good additional details, such as some levels being Candy Crush minigames, which allows the user not to feel bored because everything is the same. The truth is that this is a simple game that fits all ages, but it should not be overlooked that there are internal purchases, and therefore it is an excellent option to always carry in the terminal since, among other things, it does not Internet connection is required to use it.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, a game worthwhile

The download of this development can be done both in Galaxy Store and Play Store , so everything is quite simple and safe. You do not have to pay anything to enjoy this development on phones and tablets with the Google operating system, so its attractiveness increases considerably and, the truth is that it is a good option for both the elderly and for The smallest of the house.