How to see the speed of the WiFi that reaches your computer

Having a good Internet connection is very important for our devices to work well, to be able to browse, download or use the cloud. However this does not always happen. It may happen that we do not get a good speed due to the rate we have contracted, but also because we do not have coverage. In this article we are going to explain how to know how much WiFi reaches a computer, both in speed and signal strength.

What speed WiFi reaches the PC

see the power of the WiFi that reaches your computer

The first factor to take into account is the speed of the Internet that reaches you through WiFi. You must bear in mind that this will depend on several things, such as the rate you have contracted, if it is better or worse, if there are other devices that may be using the network at that time, etc.

You can easily find this out. What you should do is perform an Internet speed test and see how much you get . You will be able to see not only the download speed, but also the upload speed and even the ping or latency of the connection. All this will help you see if what you are receiving is correct or you should have something else based on what you have contracted.

Therefore, simply with this step you will see how much WiFi or speed you get on the computer. You can carry out different tests and see if it reaches you more or less depending on the distance and where you place the PC. It is possible that there are important differences and that will help you to locate it better.

See WiFi strength in Windows

Beyond knowing the WiFi speed that reaches your computer, you can also see the strength of the signal. This is very useful to know if you should change the network card or put the equipment in another location so that it reaches better. This is going to be closely linked to speed, since generally the more power, the higher the speed.

In this case you can easily see it from the Windows command line. To do this you have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and run netsh wlan show interfaces . That will show you information related to the network and you will be able to see a section where it shows the measured signal in percentage.

Ver la potencia de la señal WiFi

If you see that this percentage is very low, it means that the signal is not reaching you well. It can happen if you are very far from the access point, but also because of some problem with the network adapter. It is important that you analyze what signal is reaching you and you can check if it corresponds to what it should and take action if necessary. You can always prevent the router from losing signal.

In short, by following these steps that we have explained you can see the WiFi speed that reaches your computer and also the signal of the wireless network to which you are connected. This will help you detect possible problems and always ensure that the wireless connection is as good as possible, with good speed and stability so that annoying cuts do not appear.