Security Awareness: the Good, the Bad and the Usual

security-awarenessThe main objectives of security awareness is to reduce risks, protect our data and those of others (if we have that responsibility) and generate a positive impact on your environment. It does not have to do precisely with adapting to some standard or regulation to have this or that recognition. Like any set of good habits, it is necessary to develop them with time and do our part is essential to achieve it.

The good

From a time to this part, people changed a lot in relation to common attitudes and actions that one performs in their day to day. It is almost impossible to be without our mobiles or laptops, and as a result, we permanently deal with our personal data. Maybe 5 or 7 years ago, you might be able to use your unlocked mobile or laptop before anyone or someone you trust, today, you would never do it. For example, many people would not share bank account keys or social networks with anyone, or their parents.

We are aware that we could put our personal data at risk if we expose them in such a way. What does this mean? More and more people understand that personal data is that, personal, and therefore, we must handle them properly to avoid inconvenience.

The bad

Unfortunately, not all people take security awareness as something that can benefit themselves and others in the long term. They participate in awareness campaigns at work, at school or university, and also do everything correctly. However, this enthusiasm to be part of these campaigns is generally backed by some kind of interest . Either for some type of award, compensation or the obligation to comply with the request.

Beyond having done all that is necessary at the level of campaigns, initiatives or whatever, we must be truly aware. Not having the minimum care with our personal data or those of others, with our devices or those of others, can cause prejudices today, tomorrow or next month.

Do not wait to have your own bad experience to change your mind. Consider safety awareness as a diet or exercise regime, with small daily actions, you can make a difference and prevent unpleasant situations.

The usual

Although this can also encompass the good, this is something that remains a constant trend . There are multiple training options, initiatives and safety awareness campaigns. For all areas and needs, it is possible to have one. People are diverse in every aspect. They do things differently, nobody does the same. For example, learning. There are people who find the message more effective through a short video and others, who learn more effectively through simulations of situations that could occur in reality. A great example of the latter is the phishing campaign in its different forms.

There are no secrets, security awareness will be effective if we change, effectively.