Schedule Antivirus Scans: What is the Best Time

Despite all the programs that we generally install on our Windows computer, there are some more important than others more important than others. What there is no doubt is that in most computers we should have an antivirus to protect us from possible attacks.

As the years go by, the potential attacks that can affect our equipment and its content, become more complex. Precisely for all this, it is increasingly important to have an antivirus installed on our Windows- based PC. This is something we have talked about on many occasions. Whether we take advantage of the security solution offered by Windows 10, Windows Defender , or any other third party, in most cases it is almost essential to have some software of this type.

Schedule Antivirus Scans: What is the Best Time

In turn, then we will have to carry out the corresponding configurations on it depending on what we are looking for or our needs. Generally, we can choose between different levels of security or types of analysis, use additional protection functions, let the software run in the background, etc. As we say, these characteristics or functionalities will depend on what we are looking for because how much we want to interact with the software.

One of the aspects to take into account if we leave the antivirus that works by itself constantly, is when to perform the automatic analyzes. And it is that we must bear in mind that these scans usually consume a large amount of resources , so we must think carefully about the moment in which to program them.

Set up the evening schedule

In the event that we are users who, for one reason or another, leave the computer always on, for example downloading content at night, this is a good time. By this, what we mean is that the night hours would be the most suitable for the antivirus to be put into operation. As you can imagine, this will not affect our daily work with the computer and could solve the possible bad news during those hours when we do not use the equipment.

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Manually run the antivirus scan

Another of the possible solutions that we can use here is to run the malicious code scan ourselves manually. More if we take into account that this is something that we must carry out on a daily basis. What we mean is that we will always have the possibility to run this analysis when for example we take a break. Mealtime is a good option for security software to kick in.

Since this time can vary depending on the day, the best practice here is to manually run the security software ourselves.

Scan the PC with the antivirus after working hours

What is not recommended under any circumstances is that the antivirus begins to analyze the PC while we are working or playing with it. The main reason for this is the high consumption of resources that this type of process usually does. Therefore, another of the possible alternatives that we can do here is to schedule the scan minutes after the end of the day.

This is a process that, depending on the depth of the analysis, should not take too long. Therefore, analyzing the equipment when we have finished with it before turning it off until the next day is one of the most suitable moments.