Save your most important Gmail emails on mobile so you never lose them

Google’s email service is one of the favorites for many people to send and receive emails from their computer, tablet or mobile. It has a large number of functions and possibilities, however, one of the most interesting is being able to always have your emails at hand for when you need them and without fear of accidentally deleting them.

You no longer have to spend a lot of time looking for the emails that are most important or putting a word that you remember in the search engine magnifying glass so that they appear to you. Keeping them within your reach and making sure they are safe is much easier than you think, and luckily you have several options to do it. So we give you some ideas so that you can keep your important emails in one place and you can easily consult them whenever you want.

Save your most important Gmail emails on mobile

Mark them with a star

Saving the emails that really matter to you and you want to keep at hand in seconds is as simple as checking the star that is right on the right side of the message. When you see it in blue, it is because it is already saved in the featured emails. It is the fastest option and it will not take you any time. Also, if you regret it or have changed your mind, just go back there and uncheck it or do it directly from the folder.

You can also star them from the mail options, once you open it, at the top of the page. If you open the mail settings, press where it says mark as important.


To get to them, you just have to hit the 3 lines at the top left of the page and look for the section that says Featured or Important , depending on what you have decided. Both are good folders where you can keep what interests you the most and avoid accidentally deleting it.

Create labels

A good way to save what really matters to you and catalog it for easy access is to use tags. For example, from work, from school, bills, important emails on a certain topic, etc. Although you will have noticed that you cannot create them in the app, you can do it if you enter from the web in desktop mode . It’s very simple, it takes little time and when you’ve done it you can save the emails in their corresponding label whenever you want. Thus, you will never lose them.

To create new labels from the mobile you will have to go to Gmail from the browser:

  1. Scroll down to the left
  2. Click on More
  3. Choose Create new tag
  4. State your name
  5. Click Create


Save them in an account just for that

One of the things you can do to save your most important emails is to create a Gmail account expressly for that . Thus, when they send you something that you want to always have at hand from this service, all you have to do is forward it to this account . As soon as you identify yourself, you will only have the emails that matter to you, which are the ones you have saved.


This is so because you do not use it in the records so that you do not get bombarded with SPAM, but only you have it. You can also give it to people who are going to send you information that interests you or whose emails you want to save in this account, but not to any Internet service or online registries.