Recording videos with the screen off is easy with this app

These types of applications are great if you want to record a video while you are doing other things with your mobile, make secret recordings or you are afraid that they will be interrupted because someone calls you on the phone at that precise moment.

There are many reasons why you may want to use them, however, not all of them work as well as they should. I have tried several, but I only recommend one. The others that I will mention are not bad, although you have to take into account the problems that they can give you. Many others I will not comment on because they work quite badly or do not fulfill what they promise.

Recording videos with the screen off is easy with this app

If you want to know which app I recommend and why, keep reading. I also mention some more that is not perfect, but you can take it into account.

Background Video Recorder, the best

This app allows you to record video in the background using a widget, with a popup window or from the notification panel. Recording can be done even with the screen turned off or the app minimized , so you can do whatever you want while you’re running other apps that don’t use the camera. Thus, you can be recording something that interests you while you consult a website or send a message to someone.

One of the advantages of using your widget is that I can record directly from the home screen of my mobile without launching the app, which makes everything much easier and faster for me. It gives me more leeway in case of unforeseen events, like if I have to do it suddenly because someone is scratching my car or bothering someone or I’m watching TV and my favorite singer comes on. It also has a shortcut to make it work without opening the app.


Another interesting function of the application is that it has a timer that allows you to automatically record with your mobile at the time and day you want. You just have to configure it by indicating the duration of the recording. This is fine if you want to record something specific and you know when it’s going to happen.

You can change from day to night mode or from horizontal to vertical , it offers you many possibilities so that you have the recordings just the way you want them to. Also, you decide which camera you want me to use. You can save it to your phone or an SD card, and protect it from being overwritten, so you don’t inadvertently record anything on top of it.

As you can see, it has a large number of possibilities and it has also been recently updated to improve its security and incorporate interesting news. I have tried it and it really works very well for this use.

Other apps I’ve tried

If you want, these are other apps that I’ve been using that aren’t that great, but they might work for you.

Record Video Background

This is another app that can record in the background even with the screen off, without preview. It has many features and is easy to use. It has Full HD video support. Its screen isn’t as attractive and feature-rich, and its adjustment ads are more intrusive. Not in Spanish. However, using it in basic mode is as simple as hitting a button that appears on the screen. When you do, activate the silence and it will continue to work, even if you leave the app in the background and are doing other things.

record video background

The fact that it deactivates everything and stays silent can be interesting if you are looking for maximum discretion, but a risk if you don’t want to miss any alarms, messages or calls. It can cause a problem with the recordings, especially the longest ones or if the battery runs out without you being able to stop it to save it. You will be able to see your contents in a folder from the top of the page.

Background video recorder

grabador de video de fondo

Finally, this other app that promises to record videos with a single touch. The volume buttons are enough to start or stop your recordings. You can do it even if the app is in the background or with scheduled recording. You can protect your content with a password.

On paper it is very good, but it fails a lot in videos , which are not just saved well. Scheduled recording has quite a few bugs. It has been updated a month ago, so we hope that it will do so again with improvements that guarantee a good functioning of the service in all cases.