Samsung Smart TV 2021: Terrace, Frame, Sero and Serif in video

Samsung Smart TV 2021

The smart TV market does not stop growing every day. Every time we find bigger screens, with better sound and higher quality but, yes, just as boring and extremely similar in design. What would you think if that technology were introduced in TVs with “special” qualities? A television that can get wet, another that rotates in a round and others that can be camouflaged among the decoration of your living room. All of this is what the televisions in the Samsung Lifestyle range offer. I have been able to take a look at them in person and today I am telling you my first impressions with the most striking Smart TVs on the market .

The Terrace

As I was saying, you can call them rare, strange, peculiar or striking but, without a doubt, these four Samsung Smart TV bets will not leave anyone who can try them indifferent. I have been able to see them in the first person at an event organized by the manufacturer itself (about which we will tell you more details soon) and, despite my initial reluctance, they impressed me quite a bit.

So let me start with the one that caught my eye to begin with: The Terrace . Roughly, we can say that it is a screen that resists most inclement weather that you can imagine. It resists humidity, dust and heat , all this thanks to its IP55 protection and to different certificates applied to the casing that covers it and to the panel.

Imagine the face I made when the Samsung spokesperson pulled out a squirt gun and, without any regard, repeatedly fired at the panel that was working at the time. The TV continued to work without problems but, yes, the water jets continued to slide through the panel.

But the benefits of this type of equipment do not stop here. In addition to being a perfect Smart TV to place on your terrace and leave it there throughout the year, it incorporates certain features such as an improved anti-glare panel   and a brightness of up to 2,000 nits . This will help the outdoor experience to be just as good as with other indoor TVs.

We can currently buy this Smart TV for the terrace in 55 ″ with a maximum resolution of 4K, for a price of 3,800 euros .

The Frame

Another Smart TV that also caught my attention at this event was The Frame. This model is not something that Samsung has just launched on the market, but it is a device that has been on sale for a few years.

Imagine that you live in one of those rooms that have many paintings, a house of someone who likes art. Well, The Frame is an indispensable piece of equipment so as not to break the decoration of said room, since it is camouflaged as if it were another painting on the wall.

It is a Smart TV with all the features that other options from this manufacturer have, but also has two aspects that help it to mimic it:

  • Panel and light sensors : the screen of this television has a series of sensors that analyze the ambient light . These are responsible for reducing the brightness of the screen below the levels we are used to so that, sometimes with more success and others with somewhat less, the screen does not look like a screen. That is, it looks like a painting more than a TV. This is supported by a collection of more than 1,400 original works of art of pieces that we can see in the Prado and Thyssen Bornemisza Museums in Madrid, for example.

  • Frames : when buying a panel from The Frame, which will be available in 32 ″, 43 ″ and 75 ″ with 4K resolution , we can choose between 3 different frame colors . These stick to the screen through magnets so that they blend in with the environment is greater.

The best thing about this model is that, of course, it has all the benefits of Samsung’s QLED panels but, also, with this feature for art lovers. If you want to buy one of these The Frame, you have to know that its price starts at 549 euros for its 32 ″ model.

The Sero

Another known within the lifestyle range of this manufacturer is The Sero. Introduced in 2020, this is a screen that can rotate on itself to be placed in portrait or landscape mode to our need.

This can be very useful if, for example, we see a lot of content through our phone vertically and we want to send it to a larger screen, for example. Although, personally I would tell you that it seems to me a more suitable product for a business than for a “normal” home.

Like the rest of the equipment in this range, The Sero has all the features of Samsung’s QLED panels. In addition, with the addition that the interface adapts perfectly to portrait mode. It also includes its own speaker system, which are located on the base itself that gives you the ability to perform your characteristic panel turn.

If you want to buy one of these teams, you can buy it in a single 43-inch model for an approximate price of 1,200 euros .

The Serif

Lastly, let me tell you about The Serif . A concept that seeks something similar to The Frame, but in a somewhat different way.

It is a Smart TV in which Samsung has completely changed the frame and base that support it. Thus developing a “work of art” that incorporates a 43 ″ 4K screen .

It is true, at least in my opinion, that it may be the most complicated equipment in this collection to fit into the home of a potential user. Because of course, the most likely thing is that whoever wants to buy one of these teams (which has a price of 499 euros ) is someone in love with design, and not just any person.

An example of this can be the technological YouTuber Canoopsy , who has one of these Smart TVs in his own living room and, as he comments in one of his latest videos, is delighted with it and its design.