Samsung Galaxy Watch5 watches control your menstrual cycle by temperature

Attention ladies who own or plan on getting a Galaxy Watch5 – there’s some exciting news for you! Samsung has just updated the features of this watch with a tool that can assist in monitoring your menstrual cycle. Unlike manual input options found on other devices, this feature utilizes a skin temperature sensor to provide accurate data.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5

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It’s worth noting that the latest update to the Galaxy Watch5 family introduces a new feature specifically designed to help women keep track of their menstrual cycles. This innovative feature uses a sensor to measure skin temperature, eliminating the need for manual data entry to calculate statistics.

The Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro have already made a name for themselves with their attractive designs, WearOS operating system, and long-lasting batteries. Featuring AMOLED screens ranging in size from 1.2 to 1.4 inches, both models are powered by an Exynos W920 processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage. The Pro model boasts a battery capacity of up to 590 mAh and fast charging capabilities, ensuring that users can stay connected for longer periods of time.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro boast various features including NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, integrated GPS, and a plethora of sensors such as a body temperature sensor. Recently, an update was released for the watches which introduces an exciting new functionality that is particularly relevant to women’s health. The update utilizes the body temperature sensor to automatically track menstrual cycles, eliminating the need for manual data input to calculate statistics.

Cycle control through Galaxy Watch5

Samsung has announced that the infrared sensor in its smartwatches can now be used for menstrual cycle tracking through the Calendar app. This feature allows for a more precise and detailed monitoring of women’s menstrual cycles, contributing to overall health management.

It’s worth noting that the basal body temperature (BBT) changes throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle. For more comprehensive monitoring, measuring the temperature immediately after waking up is ideal, especially for reproductive purposes. However, this can be uncomfortable or even forgotten.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 watch in mauve color

The Galaxy Watch5’s new feature helps women track their menstrual cycle more accurately by using the watch’s infrared measurement of skin temperature and integrating it into the “Cycle Tracking” function. This is particularly helpful for those who want to keep a more detailed record of their basal body temperature, which can vary depending on the phases of the menstrual cycle. With this feature, users no longer need to manually measure their temperature immediately after waking up, as the watch can do it for them and help predict the start of the next menstruation.

To activate it is very easy:

  1. Go to the Samsung Health app
  2. Inside, select the “Cycle Tracking” function
  3. Add the latest information of your cycle in the calendar
  4. After that, activate “Predict period with skin temperature” in the settings

Of course, before the update will have to be operational, which today has already begun to be distributed in more than 30 countriesWe imagine, therefore, that it will be a matter of nothing for it to appear calling your watch.