Samsung Galaxy A50: How to Avoid Overheating

galaxy-a50The complete Samsung A series has several options ready to stand up to direct competition, such as Xiaomi. One of its best-selling models of the year is the Samsung Galaxy A50 , a smartphone with an admirable price quality ratio, but which has suffered certain heating problems.

The Samsung company has tried to take care and pamper all its devices with important updates , where to solve certain problems that arise at certain times. The problem of overheating is difficult to solve , since it could derive from the processor or from a misuse of the device’s resources. To try to prevent this from happening, we will know some possible solutions to prevent it from overheating.

Control the processor and what you demand

One of the reasons why you can derive this superheat is its processor, we have an Exynos 9610 eight-core capable of moving the most demanding games, although yes, we will have to have some control over what we demand. If we use very complete games, we can try to reduce the quality and thus allow our smartphone to offer us better performance and not get too hot.

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In addition to this, we must limit the applications that we have open at the same time, the system automatically closes all those that it does not need, but its concern is to always offer us the maximum. Before using games, we can worry about closing the rest of the apps that we won’t need anymore. The applications in the background although they make a minimum consumption, can result in our Galaxy A50 getting too hot.

Limiting the use of the GPS or the camera at the same time can also help us cool the device and not suffer scares when we touch the back or the screen of the device.

Take care of the battery of your Samsung Galaxy A50

Our mobile uses the battery continuously and if we are causing its consumption to trip, it can get too hot until we are alarmed. To avoid this, we have to take advantage of the night to charge the mobile or times when we will not use it. Using the device while charging causes it to not be able to cool the complicated process that we are demanding from the mobile phone.

Frontal y trasera del Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a large 4,000 mAh battery accompanied by a 15W fast charge, allowing us to not need much time to charge it and let it rest quietly until it is ready to use again. In extreme cases, we may have to resort to turning off the smartphone and letting it rest in the shade, taking into account that we should never take our cell phone to the beach and leave it in the sun or perform practices that may put the components at risk.