Samsung Adds Sleep Mode in One UI 3.1 Alarm

Among the most important functions that mobile phones have integrated in recent years, many of them are aimed at raising awareness of the responsible use of the device. The famous “Digital Wellbeing” has been adopted in one way or another by all brands, which claim that the user is aware of the time spent in front of the screen of their device.

By including these functions, we can make our mobile phone does not bother us when we need to disconnect. Samsung has also integrated several of these tools, which are now enhanced with an improvement in the clock, which so many people use every day to set their alarms as an alarm clock.

Sleep mode is added to the alarm

It is the inclusion of the sleep mode of digital well-being, which has been integrated directly into the Samsung watch. The Korean company believes it may be more useful if it is part, as one of the options of the integrated clock in the Samsung Galaxy. According to reports from Android Police, at the moment it is the terminals with One UI 3.1 that have received the change, although it is something that will be integrated into all the Galaxy with this layer and even previous versions such as One UI 3.0

hora de dormir en samsung

Bedtime mode is reportedly integrated into the Alarm tab. By touching it, the user will be redirected to a new configuration tab, where they must indicate the time at which they usually go to sleep and the time to wake up. Once configured, you must touch “next” to adjust the bedtime settings. It is at this time that it can be activated and the terminal will automatically switch to gray scale when bedtime is close.

The good news is that users using SmarThings will be able to integrate the alarm with the lights or the TV to help wake them up . In addition, the “Sleep details” option will open the Samsung S Health application, so sleep can be tracked with a Galaxy Watch, something very useful for many users.

hora de dormir en samsung 01

You can already try

The option comes as an update to the Samsung watch, compatible with all Samsung Galaxy with One UI. However, there is no need to wait to test the function, as you can download the file from this link to test it. Once the update is downloaded, we must install it like any other app to have the new version and the function activated.

Source>Android Police