How to Block Phone Numbers on Mobile

Blocking unwanted numbers is something that many users need. Whether it is because telephone spam haunts us daily or for other personal reasons, being able to restrict calls from a certain number or contact is essential on many occasions. The method to do it may be slightly different depending on our mobile model, but nowadays the device that does not have this option in one way or another is very strange.

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Even if we had an Android smartphone without this ability, because it is too old, we can always use an external tool to help us with the task. When we block a phone number , it will lose the ability to communicate with us, either through the classic call or even with text messages.

Block calls from a number or contact on Android

The good news is that practically all the mobiles that go on the market, have this function natively, and although as we say, the method may vary slightly from one brand to another , the option is present.

The common method for various brands

Various manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, vivo or Motorola , make use of the Google dialer to manage contacts. This means that the number blocking method is similar on all these devices. In this case, we will have to enter the recent calls menu, and press the number that we want to block. Then we mark the option “Block Number” and that’s it. The Google dialer also gives us the option to mark that number as Spam. This is a report for Google to take into account and add to its list of business numbers that make unwanted calls.

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What if they haven’t called us yet?

We may want to block calls from a number, which has not yet contacted us, but we want to prevent. In that case we will not be able to do it from the recent calls list , so we will have to follow another route. We must enter the “Contacts” section

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Block numbers on Huawei, Realme and Samsung

Other manufacturers maintain their own method of blocking unwanted numbers . This is because they maintain the functions and routes of their customization layers, as is the case with EMUI in Huawei, One UI in Samsung or Realme UI in Realme phones.

Block numbers on Samsung

On the mobile phones of the Korean firm, we will have to enter the telephone dialer and touch on a contact. Then just tap on the lock icon and confirm the option. We can also do it by tapping on the phone and clicking on the three points in the upper right. Then we tap on “blocking numbers” and choose the numbers to block. We can also mark an option to automatically block calls from unknown numbers, activating “Block anonymous calls”.

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Block numbers in Realme

In Realme we can do the same, entering the phone dialer and clicking on the letter “i” that is next to each number. Then we will have to click on “Add to blocked numbers” to prevent that specific number from bothering us.

bloquear numeros en realme Block numbers on Huawei

In Huawei phones, we find a small difference compared to other brands. The method is also different when it comes to EMUI, but the Chinese firm also calls it “Black List” . In order to add numbers to this list, that is to say, block them, we can press and hold on a specific number in the telephone dialer, or touch the “i” button on the right side to see the drop-down menu of options. Then we will only have to click on “Add to blacklist” to block that number.

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Can our operator do it?

Unfortunately we do not have these options from the hand of our operator. The apps of the main operators do not have an option to block specific numbers . The operator itself will refer us to the settings of our mobile that we have seen previously, or will even recommend a third-party app to do so. The thing changes if we have a landline number at home and we want to block calls, since in that case services are offered (generally paid), such as Movistar’s “selective call rejection” service.


If we don’t have the option

If we have an Android mobile that is a few years old (and lasts many more) and we cannot find the option to block the numbers anywhere, it is time to use a third-party tool to help us with the task. The best option and to compare ourselves to the mobiles that we have seen previously, is to get hold of the Google marker, a simple app that is compatible with almost all Android mobiles, including the oldest ones.

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