Rocket League for Android and iOS Officially Announced

Get ready because Rocket League was announced for iOS and Android , although it does so with some limitation. But the essence of the game remains and that promises hours of fun with this particular soccer game where to score you must hit the ball with a car.

Rocket League comes to iOS and Android

Rocket League for Android and iOS

One of the most popular PC and console games of recent years, although it was losing some strength in favor of alternatives such as Fall Guys or Among Us among others, is Rocket League. Well, if you like this particular soccer game where you will have to demonstrate your skills as a pilot to score and defend yourself from rival attacks, you are in luck.

Rocket League SideSwipe is the name of the new version that Psyonix has announced today of its popular title, but this time the game is designed for both iOS and Android devices . That is to say, all that madness that supposes the game that we have seen in computers, Playstation and Xbox now in the palm of your hand.

The same essence, but with limitations

Rocket League SideSwipe could be described as a little Rocket League. That is to say, the essence is the same , but for that reason of playing on a mobile device that has a smaller screen and because the game in these is usually more casual, more than quick games, a series of limitations have been applied.

On this occasion, the Psyonix game will limit the number of opponents in these particular football matches to 1 or 2 maximum. That is, it would be like those neighborhood or schoolyard pachanguitas where you challenge yourself with a friend or, at most, against another couple.

On the other hand, the game will also have a shorter duration in time. Only two minutes is what you will have to try to score the maximum number of goals against your opponent or to try not to score any against you. That sometimes not everything is attacking and a good defense allows you to win games. Or are you of what also thinks that the best defense is a good offense?

However, beyond these differences or limitations with respect to the original game that many of us know, the most important thing is the playability on a mobile device with a touch screen. There it seems that its managers have taken the time to move the vehicle and perform all that repertoire of turns and pirouettes is something easy for anyone who starts playing it for the first time.

Logically, as your driving skills improve you will be able to execute more advanced mechanics that will give you more advantages when playing against more experienced users.

And yes, to finish telling you that there will be a ranking system that will give you that competitive point that motivates many so much. Although it seems that all these will not be the only surprises, during the coming months they already warn that more news will come to this game that, for the moment, is in the alpha phase.

Release date

At the moment there is no specific date for the launch of Rocket League SideSwipe. The intention is that before the end of the year the final version for Android and iOS will arrive, but we will have to wait to see how this first version goes and the possible failures that they detect as well as the feedback that those who are testing it during this time give. .