Best HomeKit Compatible Accessories: Light Bulbs, Switches, etc.

Alexa is the platform with the most support in home automation issues closely followed by Google Assistant, but there are still users who prefer to bet on HomeKit. The reasons are very varied, but the one that does not fail is that they already use Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac computers. So, if your decision is the same, these are the HomeKit compatible devices with which you should start domotize your home.

Best HomeKit Compatible Accessories

Why HomeKit?

The reasons why a user decides to bet on HomeKit as a platform for home automation are many and varied, but basically they are summarized in a personal decision that is usually motivated by already using Apple products. Even so, as we have said on occasion, there are two aspects that are key and the pillars on which Apple’s speech is based:

  • Integration: unlike Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant, with HomeKit you don’t need to install anything on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV because everything is already integrated natively in the latest versions of their operating systems. You simply add the devices through the Home application and you will already have the option of control through Siri or via touch interface. This interface in turn allows not only to access a switch panel, but also to display quick actions, create scenes and much more.
  • Privacy: on the other hand, knowing that nobody shares your data with third parties is something that many value. Especially when it comes to intimate information like what you can share within your home with other people. Therefore, Apple places great emphasis on all this so that you are calm at all times

The HomePod and Siri as the control center

If Amazon has its Echo and Google Assistant with their respective smart speakers manufactured by themselves or third parties, in the case of Apple it is not like that. So the first thing to know is that if you opt for HomeKit and want to use Siri voice commands, you will have to purchase a HomePod. Because it also serves as a central to access them remotely when you are away from home.

It is true that you could start using Siri through your iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV if you have it, but it would never be the same or you would have that good performance that Apple’s speaker microphones allow. So don’t even think about it, even less considering that the HomePod mini has a fairly competitive price of 99 euros.

So taking all this into account, let’s get down to business and talk about those accessories that we consider basic in any home that bets on HomeKit automation. In addition, these are the ones that we recommend without fear of being wrong. Because it is true that there is not a wide range of products compatible with HomeKit, but you can see some that despite having the seal of being compatible, the experience is then somewhat deficient.


Lighting is the easy option when starting to automate your home, but before you start buying smart bulbs, also consider the option of using smart switches. These have advantages such as being able to maintain the lights you already have and the investment may even be much lower. Although you could lose the possibility of color change if they are RGB bulbs or the dimming and temperature change. Once you choose what you want, these are our recommendations.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue technology is undoubtedly preferred by most users who opt for smart lighting. There are countless products in the Philips catalog, from the simplest light bulb for decoration to light bars, strips and even motion sensors.

To create a smart lighting infrastructure with Philips Hue, you must purchase the connecting bridge in advance. Because while they have some Bluetooth-compatible products, the advantages of the Zigbee standard make the bridge worth investing in. Especially in the future when more and more products begin to arrive at home, since Bluetooth and WiFi are not optimal solutions with a high number of devices trying to interact at the same time.

LIFX bulbs

The Lifx brand is the other recommended choice in HomeKit compatible smart lighting themes. Its catalog is also very extensive and the only downside is that it requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network . If there are few products, you will not have problems. But if they are too many, better to resort to the Philips proposal.



Finally, if you are into gaming and performing live on Twitch-type platforms, Nanoleaf lighting solutions are ideal. Hence, they have become tremendously famous thanks to many youtubers who use them in their setups.

With different types of solutions, such as the panels that you can combine to achieve the composition that you like or interest the most, you will undoubtedly enjoy playing with them to give light to your leisure room.

Meross Smart Switches

They are an alternative to take into account when the purchase of smart bulbs does not interest you for any specific reason. They can also offer a significant saving of money and provide an important additional benefit: if a member of the house uses the physical switch to turn off a light, we will not stop having access to it remotely.

EVE thermostats

The use of smart thermostats is already something more concrete and not everyone needs to have it. Also, if you are going to use it with your air conditioner, heat pump or heating system, you must make sure that it is compatible with it. If not, you could make an unnecessary purchase because you could never use it.

The Eve Thermo is a smart radiator thermostat. Its function is to heat rooms automatically according to our schedules or simply through voice commands through Siri. It allows you to synchronize temperatures between rooms and detect heat leaks due to lack of insulation, among other functions. It does not require any type of switchboard and is an exclusive accessory for Apple HomeKit.

Cameras, Security and Smart Locks

Finally, the last devices that we would recommend to finish the automation of your home are security cameras, smart locks and other sensors that are capable of alerting you when something is wrong.

Aqara sensors

AQARA Smart Hub

The Aqara brand is specialized in these sensors that help you detect if a window or door was left open, if there is a water or gas salting room or if there is smoke at home that could even come from a domestic fire.

In addition, although they are really devices for the Xiaomi home automation platform, thanks to the bridge they add support for HomeKit and with a very competitive price you can improve aspects of the home that are not paid attention until some kind of misfortune occurs.

Eve CAM security camera

The Eve Cam is a very small and discreet indoor surveillance camera. His specialty is privacy, something common to all products that work specifically with HomeKit.

The device has an optics capable of covering 150º of vision. In addition, the camera can rotate 360º about its axis and tilt up and down in the vertical plane another 180º. It records in Full HD, it has infrared sensors for motion detection and it has a night vision mode that allows you to see up to 5 meters deep.

Nuki Smart Locks

We have already analyzed the Nuki lock and we will tell you everything you should know about it. We liked many things, but without a doubt one of the most attractive was that HomeKit support along with a very good performance.

It is true that entrusting the security of our home to such a product is not easy for anyone, but you can trust when we say that it completely changes the experience of coming home. What’s more, the possibilities are so great that even if you have to let someone in while you’re away, you can.

Start enjoying home automation

There are many more home automation proposals with which you could have a truly smart home, but these are the basic products that every user should consider if they want to make their home much more pleasant and comfortable. They are also brands that have shown that they update their products so that you can take advantage of every novelty that HomeKit incorporates.