This robotic system could revolutionize solar energy

Today it is very common to see how many countries around the world resort to the use of renewable energy to produce energy. In this way, unlimited resources are used to obtain clean energy that does not pollute the environment. It is common to see more and more wind farms or solar panels installed in different locations. Although they are not the only forms of clean energy with zero emissions , since there are several others such as tidal energy, which obtains energy from the movement of the tides of the sea. There is also hydroelectric power or biomass, which creates electricity from organic matter. However, a new “solar farm” prototype could spell a revolution for solar energy.

It is a model that unfolds and is located inside a container that is reminiscent of conventional cargo containers.

robotic system could revolutionize solar energy

A new future for solar energy?

What characterizes this “solar farm” is that it can be stored inside the container , which makes it portable .

It works as follows: to leave the cabin, it is deployed thanks to the operation of a hydraulic system . Once the entire mechanism is extended, it can be started straight away , with no work or installation required to assemble it.

The time it takes to complete the deployment task is about 15 minutes and one person is more than enough to get the system up and running. During that time, all the solar panels are spread out and positioned in the best possible way to receive the sun’s rays.

The farm has a solar tracking system that correctly places the 35 solar panels that make up the mechanism.

It is an invention that can be very useful especially in remote places and where it may be necessary to use energy in specific situations. For example, it would be ideal for military bases, places where construction work is underway, or areas where natural disasters have occurred.

The importance of renewable energies

Therefore, this huge device could be an alternative to other methods that exist today to produce energy. In addition, it has the advantage that it is a portable system.

The different regions that still do not use this type of renewable energy should take a step forward and start using them as an alternative to fossil fuels such as oil or coal, which, in addition to polluting more, are limited elements, unlike those that They use renewable energy sources, which never end.