Risks of Downloading Programs Without Antivirus: 4 Potential Dangers

When we are connected to the Internet , we can carry out a multitude of tasks of all kinds, including content downloads. Items such as games, programs, documents, manuals, photos, videos, etc. come into play here. But of course, everything is not always as beautiful as it is painted in the beginning, hence the dangers we may encounter.

Despite the usefulness and all the advantages that the Internet presents us, as surely many of you already know, it also has its dangers. That is why, as we have told you on so many occasions, taking certain precautionary measures will never hurt. An example is an element that should be present in most of today’s computers, if not all, an antivirus.

Potential Dangers

Whether it is one belonging to a longtime security company , or a more recent one, or the one that already comes with Windows 10 , Windows Defender , these programs are key. Let’s not forget that, as we mentioned before, this type of program protects us to a great extent from the potential attacks to which we are exposed on the Internet. An example is the cases to which we are exposed in the event that we dedicate ourselves to downloading programs without security software installed. This is precisely what we will talk about below to give you an idea.

And it is more than usual to download applications from websites that are not necessarily official of the program as such, or even download paid software, apparently for free.

Spyware arrival on the computer

One of the most common practices of some web pages that offer us software is to add some type of malware to it. Therefore, we download that malicious code without our realizing it, and it is hidden in the system itself. In this way, it remains running in the background once we run the downloaded program to steal credentials or extract all kinds of personal data.

Download programs with unwanted content

Another danger to which we expose ourselves when downloading programs without having an antivirus is that they reach us and begin to reproduce all kinds of unwanted or adult content, games, etc. These can be integrated into the browser itself and we can hardly get rid of all this if it is not with the help of a good antivirus , in the best of cases.

PC hijacking by ransomware

But that’s not all, since a bad decision when downloading software without using any protection on the PC can lead to data and system hijacking. This is what is known as a ransomware attack , one of the most common in recent times and that completely blocks the PC asking for money for the unlock code, something that normally does not get paid or paid.

RobbinHood ransomware

Blocking unwanted programs and installations

In addition, if we download software without Windows being able to detect malicious elements, on other occasions we download programs that in turn install others that change functions of the operating system, become default and cannot be eliminated. Of course, all this becomes a clear annoyance for users .