The Resident Evil 3 Remake will launch on April 3, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Point on the calendar because next April 3 we will put ourselves in the shoes of Jill Valentine to try to escape from Racoon City. The legendary Resident Evil 3 will return 20 years after its original release in the form of a remake, so those players who did not have the opportunity to play it in their day can now do it in more detail than ever.

The Remake of Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

Rumored for a few days, this highly anticipated remake has been announced at the PlayStation State of Play event, and although the video pointed to the release of the PS4 version, it must be remembered that it will also do so on Xbox One and PC. Like the original adventure, Resident Evil 3 will place us in the city of Racoon City 24 hours before the events of Resident Evil 2.

But if there is an especially charismatic character in this installment, that is none other than Nemesis. The humanoid monster that terrified millions of young people in his day will return to put difficult things in narrow corridors, streets with low light and rooms where the mythical rocket launcher will take us out of more than one hurry on more than one occasion.

New multiplayer mode: Resident Evil Resistance

As if that were not enough, this remake will be accompanied by a new multiplayer game that we already met a few months ago. We are obviously talking about Project Resistance, a multiplayer in which four players (survivors) will fight against a spectator (brain) who can handle different elements of the stage and invoke different creatures.

Each survivor will have a specific ability that will help the group, so everyone must work as a team to achieve their only goal in the game: to escape.

When can Resident Evil 3 Remake be played?

Resident Evil 3

At the moment, the only thing we know officially is that the game will be released on April 3, 2020, however, we do not know if Capcom will launch any kind of demo for a period of time that allows us to play some game scenario of it so they did with the remake of Resident Evil 2.