How to Remove Apps on Apple Watch

apple-watchSurely when you look at your Apple Watch you see that there are applications that you do not use and that you would like to remove from your view. This is possible and is done in a similar way to the process on the iPhone. In addition, recently the possibility has also been given by Apple to eliminate native applications as is already the case on the iPhone where we can eliminate applications that are not fundamental to the operation of the equipment.

Remove those apps you don’t use on the watch

Having applications that you do not use on the watch will surely provoke users’ odd TOC. That is why we always recommend having those applications that we use in our day to day. In addition, if we do not use native applications such as Bolsa or others, we can also eliminate them from our view.

In order to eliminate them, we must simply follow these steps:

  1. We go to the start screen of our Apple Watch by clicking on the digital crown on the side.
  2. We look for the icon of the application that we want to remove and simply keep it pressed.
  3. After a few seconds the icon of a cross will appear in the upper right corner while trembling.
  4. Press the cross icon and tap on ‘Remove App’.

Desinstalar aplicaciones apple watch

From the iPhone you can also delete these apps

We can also remove applications from our watch from the iPhone itself. With this we save having to go on a screen that is too small for some users. To do this process from the iPhone we must follow the following steps:

  1. We will go to the ‘Watch’ application on the iPhone.
  2. At the bottom we must be in the ‘My Clock’ tab .
  3. We will go down until we find the application we want to get rid of and click on it.
  4. We will remove the selection of ‘Show on Apple Watch’.

With these simple steps, the applications that we do not want to use on a daily basis will disappear and with this we will be able to have an extremely tidy clock. With this we gain in comfort since we can have located all the important applications that we use on a day-to-day basis. It is true that sometimes it can be a real nuisance to use applications on our watch but everything is to propose it. Also if you delete a specific application you can reinstall it in a very comfortable way from the App Store itself that we have integrated in the watch from watchOS 6.

And you, do you like to have the right applications on your Apple Watch?