Relax and unwind with these coloring and art therapy apps

Whether due to post-holiday stress, work stress or simply because we need to disconnect and relax, art can be a good way to escape the routine , as well as one of the most creative.

Giving free rein to our inspiration no longer requires a physical canvas, but there are many applications for coloring or making small works of art that we can use from the palm of our hand with our smartphone or tablet. These are some of the most interesting.

Relax and unwind with these coloring and art therapy apps


This app is a great example of the stress relief that painting apps for adults can bring, with numerous health benefits. If you are tired or under stress, the relaxing process of coloring pictures will calm you down completely.

This application includes more than 200 free designs divided into different categories and themes such as birds, horses, vegetation, mandalas or love. Once you’re done coloring, you can even quickly share the results on social media.

Color Therapy

This application is designed to do therapy through the use of color. It includes practically everything you might need from an app of this type: coloring pages, a very extensive color palette and some additional tools to get the most out of digital support.

Already in its free version it includes everything you need and the extra payments would only be to unlock more colors, more tools or more drawings. In this free version, it is updated every day with new models of coloring pages. When you’re done, you can upload them to any social network, save them to your device or see how others have colored them.


Recolor is another of these applications that are used to relax while coloring drawings. It also has a growing selection of free drawings that expands daily.

It not only allows you to color, but also to use different types of pencils and brushes.

UNICORN: Color by number

This app adopts 8-bit pixel art style which makes it attractive for retro gamers. In this art therapy technique, you select an image and tap the appropriate squares on the grid to begin coloring the image, rather than needing to freely paint it by hand-filling in an area.

Unicorn will save any progress to an image so you can return to it later. Unicorn allows you to take a selfie and color that too.