Redmi Note 8 Notification Problems: How to Fix it

The Redmi Note 8 has become Amazon’s best selling mobile and, in the end, the first contact of many users with MIUI, the firm’s Android-based customization layer. As usual in the Chinese brand phones, there are many who are encountering problems with notifications on the mobile due to a bad configuration.

And it is that MIUI offers large and varied options to view the alerts of applications on the mobile, with its own options for the lock screen that, by default, are disabled. This is why app notifications are not seen on the Redmi Note 8 lock screen.Redmi-Note-8-Notification-Problems-16

How to view notifications on Xiaomi mobile

The source of the problem is the Redmi Note 8 is that we must manually select which applications we want to show alerts both in the app itself, as in the notification center and on the lock screen. For this, what we have to do is access the phone settings and look for the notification menu.

Here, at the top, we find the 3 options that allow you to configure the 3 ways that Xiaomi has to show the notifications of the applications .: Notifications on the Lock Screen, Floating Notifications and Notification Icons . If you want to see alerts in all three ways, you must activate all 3 modes.

notificaciones redmi note 8

Now, within each of the options you must follow two steps:

  • Click on Format and, among the options that give you a choice, select Show notification content.
  • Review the entire list of installed applications and select one by one all those whose alerts you want to see in the app’s own icon, in the notification center or on the lock screen of your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Option B

If you have done all these steps but you still do not receive notifications from WhatsApp or another app on your mobile, you must correctly configure these affected apps. The most appropriate is to access the Mobile Settings and choose the Applications menu. In this section you must select all the applications you want to show notifications on Xiaomi and check the option “No restrictions”.

xiaomi redmi note 8t

Then you must configure the automatic start permissions from the mobile security app for each of those apps. This will prevent apps from closing when you lock your mobile and continue running to be able to display alerts.

If all this fails, before doing a hard reset to the mobile we recommend you try the Notch Notifications for MIUI app, which automatically replicates all the alerts and notifications received on the smartphone.