How to Recover a Damaged PDF: Programs and Websites

Every day there are many people who send and receive text documents, which in most cases are in PDF format. And it is that for a long time, it is the most used format to share all kinds of documents. However, if you are reading these lines, surely you have found that when you open a file of this type you could not because it is corrupt. Below, you can see the steps to follow to recover a damaged PDF file in just a couple of clicks.

In most cases it is difficult to know the cause for which a file can be damaged, especially when it is a file that we have received and that we are not the creators. A power outage, a system failure, any virus or malware may be responsible for a file being damaged, however, we can always try to recover it with one of the tools specially designed for it.

There are many programs that promise to recover a corrupt file , however, we must exercise caution when we are going to use these types of programs, since many of them are virus claims and we can be easily infected. Especially with those who promise to recover files for free.


Now, when we talk about recovering a damaged PDF file, the truth is that Recovery Toolbox for PDF is one of the most reliable and easy to handle applications. Now, the next thing we will ask is the cost of it. Well, although it may seem surprising, the truth is that it is a software with a very affordable price and also allows us the option to pay only for each file recovery.

In this way, it is not necessary to buy a license if we only want to use it in a timely manner. In addition, as we will see below, it is possible to try the tool for free to check the results before anything else.

Steps to follow to recover a damaged PDF with Recovery Toolbox for PDF

The first thing we have to do is download and install the tool on our computer, something we can do completely free of charge from the following link, download Recovery Toolbox for PDF.

Once the download process is finished, we double click on the file that has been saved on our disk to proceed with the installation. In a couple of very simple steps we will have installed the tool without major problem. Now, we can launch it on our desktop.

recuperar PDF dañado

As we can see, it has a very simple and intuitive interface to handle. To recover a damaged PDF file, the first thing we have to do is select or indicate the name and path of the file we want to recover and click Next. For a few moments the application will scan the document and show us a new window in which we can indicate the name of the result file.

recuperar PDF dañado

Again click on Next and it will be when we can choose the output PDF file version . At this same moment, we can also indicate if we want the file to be compressed to reduce its size and therefore, the time that the process will last.

recuperar PDF dañado

Finally, click on the Save button and the damaged PDF recovery process will automatically begin. If all goes well, a summary of the tasks performed and a message will appear in the Recovery Toolbox for PDF interface, indicating if the file has been recovered correctly . When clicking on Finish, we will be asked if we want to finish the recovery. Now we can go to the chosen route, check if the output file has been saved and if it has been recovered correctly.

recuperar PDF dañado

Although it is possible to test the tool for free, its functionality will be limited. Now, we can buy a license for personal use for non-commercial purposes for a price of $ 27 . Of course, as we mentioned earlier, it is also possible to recover a damaged PDF from the browser and pay only for each recovery.

How to recover a corrupted PDF from the browser

Recovery Toolbox for PDF also has an online version that allows us to recover PDF files from the browser itself. To do this, we simply have to follow this link to the official website of the tool and once there, select the damaged file that we want to recover. Next, we must also indicate our email address and a security captcha.

Click on Next Step and it will automatically begin the process of scanning and recovering the damaged PDF. Once finished, the tool will offer us the possibility to see a demo of the recovered version of the file . If everything is correct, then we can continue with the process to access your download.

recuperar PDF dañado

Finally, we will have to pay the amount requested by Recovery Toolbox for PDF and immediately we will receive an email with the link that gives us access to the download of the file. As we can see, this time we will only have to pay for each recovery ( $ 10 each) and it will not be necessary to obtain a license for the tool.