How to Recover a Damaged or Corrupted Word Document?

Unfortunately, many people find that trying to open a Word document is not possible because it is damaged. The truth is that there are many reasons why a file can be damaged, a disk failure, a power failure, any virus or malware, etc. Anyway, when we find this unpleasant situation before, the only thing that matters to us is knowing how we can recover a corrupt Word document . Well, there are several ways to try and we will show you below.

Basically, we should know that Microsoft Office tools itself offers certain functions to try to recover these types of files. Now, if this is not possible, we can use certain free online tools or specially developed applications to help us with this type of task.

Different ways to recover a damaged file in Word

There are many reasons why most users choose the Microsoft word processor to create and edit documents, but the truth is that one of them is the wide range of functions it offers. Among all of them, we find one that in this situation will be of great help, the automatic recovery of Word.

When we try to open a damaged document, Word itself will show us a warning informing us of the problem . If we click on Yes or Accept, we will find another window in which it will ask us if we want to try to recover the contents of the damaged document. When confirming, the Office tool itself will try to recover the content and if there is luck, we will have recovered the document.

Now, as long as the file is partially damaged, there is another way to ask Word to try to recover it. For it:

  • We open Word with an empty document
  • From the File menu option, select Open
  • We select the damaged Word file that we want to recover from our disk from the Browse option
  • We display the tab next to the Open button of the modal window
  • We choose the Open and repair option
  • We wait for Word to show us the document or what you can recover from it

But there is still another option to try to recover a damaged Word from Microsoft’s own tool by following these simple steps:

  • We open Word with an empty document
  • From the File menu option, select Open
  • Select the Browse option to choose the damaged Word file that we want to recover from our disk
  • We open the dropdown of the modal window All files (*. *)
  • We choose the option Recover text from any file and select the damaged file
  • We wait for Word to show us the document or what you can recover from it

Word dañado

Recover a damaged Word from the browser

When we go to the Internet to find a solution to our problem, we must first of all be very cautious. And there are many sites that could offer us the possibility of recovering a damaged Word file for free and take advantage of our despair to get infected with viruses.

In this sense, one of the trusted sites is . A website that offers the option of recovering other types of files such as Excel, Powerpoint, Access or Illustrator files, Acrobat, AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. at a very affordable price. To try to recover a file on this site, these are the steps we have to follow:

  • We are going to from our browser
  • Click on the Push to Start Upload File and Repair button
  • On the next page we click on Select File to select the damaged file
  • We indicate our email address and security captcha
  • Click on Upload file for recovery and wait for the result

recuperar Word dañado

Another of the online tools of total guarantee and reliability and that has a high efficiency is Recovery Toolbox for Word. Its operation is also very simple:

  • We go to the official website of the developer from our browser
  • We click on Recovery online
  • Select the document we want to recover from our disk
  • We indicate our email address and the security captcha
  • Click on Next Step and wait for a demo of the recovered version to be shown
  • If the result is as expected, we proceed to download it, although we will have to pay the requested amount before it

Other third party tools

The Recovery Toolbox for Word, in addition to its online version, offers the installable desktop application and that we can also use to recover a damaged Word file. Now, although we can try the tool for free, its functionality is limited. To access all its functions, it is necessary to buy a license for $ 27.

Now, when we talk about file recovery, there is no doubt that one of the reference programs is Recuva . A software developed for the recovery of documents, images, music and many other types of files on different platforms or even on memory cards and other storage devices.