EliteTorrent in 2020: Access and Alternatives

EliteTorrent remains one of the references of users when it comes to searching content to download from the Internet. However, his career has not been easy and he has been in the abyss too many times. Now, with the entry of 2020, it is time to try to find out if EliteTorrent is still working or other alternatives have to be used. In that case, know what are the best alternatives to download torrent from the Internet and access tips. Important Note: It is worth noting you will need a Torrent VPN at all times to ensure you do not get into trouble. Once you are connected to a VPN server, you will be able to go off the grid, thus preventing monitoring agencies and hackers from seeing what you are up to, or worse, use that against you. Also, it will allow you to deal with issues like ISP throttling once and for all, which is always a good thing.

Everything seemed lost in 2017 with the closing of the EliteTorrent after 13 years active . Those responsible for the website posted a statement in the domain elitetorrent.net explaining the cessation of the activity and its conversion into eliteros.com, a website for movie and series lovers, to share tastes, criticisms, ratings, recommendations, see news and videos This website is still active today and is foreign to any link with torrent or downloads.elitetorrent

EliteTorrent in 2020

However, the story of EliteTorrent was not going to end here. With other people behind and quite a mystery, there were quite a few “copies” of the original website that claimed they were the legitimate ones to continue the activity. In March 2019 elitetorrent.biz was blocked, although a little later elitetorrent.io was opened. This domain also did not last long and in May began to have problems. That led to the arrival of elitetorrent.one .

elitetorrent 2020

This domain was changed again in the second part of last year by elitetorrent.tv , which currently seems to be the one that works. This website does not seem to be blocked at this time by any operator and works without problem. However, our recommendation is to use the Tor Browser to avoid possible problems or the inability to access. In fact, in Movistar and Vodafone it is no longer worth changing the DNS to continue accessing.

Alternatives to EliteTorrent in 2020 to download

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is, as we said before, always in the lead despite the passing of the years. Again, a portal with a huge community of users who download, and also users who share. There are torrent links of all types and, once again, the search engine is well adjusted so that we can easily find what we are looking for. In addition, once we have done a search we have a wide variety of filters to adjust it even more.


In this case, access becomes more complicated and especially in Spain. Although it is available internationally, the main domain of The Pirate Bay is blocked from our country, by telecommunications operators. The solution, in order to access, involves using one of its several proxies that are available in different countries, or adjusting the DNS settings, for example, to Google DNS.

Access The Pirate Bay


ExtraTorrent was one of the best  alternatives to EliteTorrent for some time. But it was no longer available and, shortly thereafter, the creators themselves opened  ETTV. It has an operation similar to that of Kickass and The Pirate Bay, with a search engine and a series of filters to simplify the location of any type of link. Now, the community behind this torrent site is not the same, so file availability is not the same.

If what we want is to find torrents, to download with a program , then this is another option of the several that we have available. And even more if we want a web portal of torrents of all kinds. But if we want something focused on multimedia, and we prefer that the content is mostly in Spanish, there are other options that are better and that we tell you below.

Access ETTV

Best Torrent

BestTorrent is not the best  alternative to EliteTorrent by definition. It is not the one with greater availability of links and neither, at the level of usability, is the best of the options that we have compiled in this report. But it has a point in its favor regarding most of the ones we have governed, and that is that the contents are in Spanish. In addition, these contents focus on multimedia, which makes it easier for us to find what we are looking for.

Although it is not the best option for file availability, if what we want is multimedia content, and only in Spanish, it can be the best alternative to EliteTorrent for us. Or simply, an option to consider to complement the rest of those we have compiled in this article.

Access Better Torrent


If with the previous one we focused on multimedia content in Spanish, with this other  alternative to EliteTorrent we return to something broader. Again, content mostly in English, but also with options in Spanish and, no doubt, a wide variety of content options dubbed in Spanish. For users of some telecommunications operators their access is blocked, but not for everyone.

It has a great popularity worldwide so, once again, in Torrentz2 the availability of torrent downloads is really wide. But, also once again, if we only look for multimedia content in Spanish, this is not the best option that we will find among the wide variety of alternatives to EliteTorrent.

Access Torrentz2

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is not an alternative to EliteTorrent as such, because the format of that web of torrents was very different. Now, it is an alternative as it allows us to access multimedia content in Spanish of all types. But in this case in the form of software, and getting sources of torrents in other ways. Without a doubt, it is one of the  ‘must have’ within this type of content sources, and with a really good interface.

Popcorn Time is available as an application, as we mentioned, for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone and Android. It is completely free, as you might expect, and gives us the option to send content in a really simple way to our smart TV. The only ‘problem’ is that most content is available in the original version, although we can always put subtitles in Spanish to better enjoy our favorite content. Above all, because almost everything is available in high definition.

Access Popcorn Time


We return again to torrent websites, as alternatives to EliteTorrent, with Spanish content  . And yes, focused on multimedia content. So this is one of the ‘purest’ alternatives, if we adjust to those offered by the well-known torrent download website. The availability of content here is wide and, in addition, with a very good organization of content at the level of movies and series.

The contents that are not available in Spanish will be found in English, but with subtitles in Spanish or Latin Spanish. So, let’s find what we find on this website, it will be available in our language with the folded audio or the corresponding subtitles.

Access Estrenosok


RARBG is not a site in Spanish, nor does it have all its contents in Spanish – much less – but it usually has the latest. If you are looking for the newest torrents of almost any type of content, this is probably the best alternative to EliteTorrent you can find. In addition, it has listings with the ‘top 10’ of each type of content that help us find new downloads.

In RARBG, as in many web pages of this type, we have a side menu where we can navigate between the different sections. Each of these sections, how could it be otherwise, corresponds to a different type of content. And in the top bar is where we can find the list with the most downloaded content, and access to the general lists of torrent downloads.

Access RARBG


What if I look for eBooks? In Torlock you have series and movies of all kinds so yes, it is an  alternative to EliteTorrent valid as all the previous ones. However, here the specialization is in other types of content, such as  eBooks . In addition to that, it also has a very wide variety of content around anime. And as for navigation, it is an intuitive site, well organized and also with a list of the 100 torrents that have been downloaded the most.

In short, although it does not have content only in Spanish, and it is not the best site for torrents of audiovisual content, it is an alternative for those who want other types of content. It is one of those torrent sites that work great as a complement to the largest ones, which we also refer to in this article.

Access Torlock


YTS focuses on movies, but in a rather unique way. The torrents of films are collected only with the highest possible quality – from HD, provided they are available – and only in their version with less weight. In this way we save searches for torrent links with good quality and do not sacrifice a large amount of our storage space. Obviously, his specialty is movies, although we can also find other types of links easily.

The most popular links are already suggested on the cover, and all in a very visual and intuitive way to simplify the search. Below, as if it were a catalog, we have available the most recent torrent that have been uploaded to the web portal.

Access YTS


In torrent sites, one of the most important things is the  user community around the website. Especially uploaders. Because, if there is not a good amount of uploaders, and they are not active, the availability of links will be very limited. In this case we are facing a relatively young website, but which has managed to place itself as an alternative to EliteTorrent for its good organization, security – in terms of torrent verification – and link availability.

We have television sections – series – and movies on the cover and, in addition, with the essential information. All the contents appear with their corresponding cover and, once again, the ‘bad thing’ is that finding content in Spanish is somewhat complicated. Most of the contents are available in English.

Access Zooqle


Search engine that gives us access to thousands of content organized by movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others and adult content.


The website itself tells us to use the domain ending in .gd as an alternative in case the .to domain does not work.

Access 1337x

Torrent Project

This metasearch engine currently indexes 10,229,400 million torrent files, so it is quite likely that we will find what we are looking for.

Super simple, clean and fast appearance for one of the alternatives to EliteTorrent.

Access Torrent Project


Another survivor who offers us a search engine, in addition to categories of movies, series, music, games, applications, anime and others.

Although it is advertised as limetorrents.cc, we actually have it available at limetorrents.at. This is common in these pages that play cat and mouse to stay “alive.”

Access LimeTorrents

Torrent Paradise

We finish with the torrent search engine that also offers us a section with the 100 most popular, ideal for detecting fashions and trends.

Access Torrent Paradise

Use a VPN to access or Tor Browser

Many of these domains may be blocked in Spain or other countries by various court rulings. For that reason, it is recommended to use a VPN to skip the block and get access to the domains. As an alternative, we have the possibility of installing Tor Browser , the browser to enter the Deep Web and Dark Web, but that also allows us to access without problem all these domains that have been blocked.