Record-setting 2020 App Store Revenue for Apple

Record-setting 2020 App Store Revenue

Once 2020 has ended, it is time to do an analysis of everything that has happened to analyze all the achievements by Apple. One of them undoubtedly lies in the App Store, which has set a new record in benefits for developers and also in services.

The App Store sets a new record

During the pandemic, any user could have thought that sales in the App Store would have decreased, but the opposite has happened. Technology has largely saved the work of many people thanks to teleworking, discovering a new world for different people. That is why, as reported by Apple, in the App Store developers have generated a total of 200 billion dollars since its launch in 2008 with integrated purchases. These for example are subscriptions to applications in the App Store. This is a small amount with respect to general sales by users.


Specifically Apple reports that during the Christmas season users spent 1.8 billion dollars on goods and services. This is something that is only reported in a few days of the year highlighting the 540 million dollars raised only on New Year’s Day. That is why throughout the year 2020 we can draw as a consequence that the income has been a thousand millionaires. During the year 2021, it is expected that the profits will be reinvested to achieve an expansion strategy by having better tools.

Regarding the most downloaded applications and games of 2020 are Zoom and Disney +. Here we can clearly see how during the pandemic work productivity has prevailed as well as entertainment with innovative services such as Disney. But the games as we have said have not been left behind either, the revolutionary Among Us being a great success in the App Store as it has been in Steam. Another of the great successes that have been released in recent months is Genshin Impact, which stands out for integrated purchases generating numerous benefits for developers.

Among Us

Apple services excel in 2020

In addition to the App Store, the good impact that the services of the Cupertino company had in 2020 should be highlighted. Apple TV + has been growing exponentially over the past year with numerous accolades behind it. 159 award nominations stand out, winning a total of 45. There are many contents that have stood out during 2020, such as The Morning Show or Servant that have won important recognitions and everyone is already waiting for the launch of their second seasons. It will be now in 2021 when this service is put to the test when the free subscription ends and the paid subscription program begins.

Another of the services that have stood out without a doubt is Apple Arcade with the enrichment of numerous games throughout 2020 that have ended up enchanting many users. The great success undoubtedly comes from the hand of Apple One that will allow you to have numerous contracted services in exchange for a global subscription.