Reasons Why Apple could Remove Telegram from the App Store

One of the most widely used messaging applications in the world is Telegram, which has also been receiving many new users in recent weeks due to the new privacy conditions that WhatsApp will implement. However, the good news has been twisted, or rather, could be twisted in a major way because, Apple could be forced to remove Telegram from the App Store. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

They have sued Telegram

The assault on the United States Capitol has been an event that, without a doubt, has turned the world upside down given the seriousness of the situation, it has even splashed the world of technology, and has been one of the reasons why Telegram has been sued in United States. According to the Gizchina media, “Coalition for a Safer Web”, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, has demanded that Apple, through the courts, remove Telegram from its application store, the App Store.

Reasons Why Apple could Remove Telegram

Coalition for a Safer Web accuses Telegram of not fighting against violence and hateful messages and extremist content, emphasizing the situation experienced in the United States with the assault on the Capitol in early January, and arguing, according to this organization, that violates the App Store security standards.

But beware, because Apple might not be the only one forced to remove Telegram from its application store, since Coalition for a Safer Web could also be planning to make the same move against Google, therefore, Telegram could be seen out of the two largest app stores in the world.

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What can it mean for users?

If the demand for Coalition for a Safer Web finally reaches the point that this organization wants, it could mean the flight of a huge number of Telegram users, which would obviously be the most affected, but so will all the users who use this application as the means to communicate with your friends, family or work colleagues, especially if they do it through an Apple device since, in Android there is a way to install applications that are not in the Play Store.

Therefore, and given the possibility that Telegram would finally end up eliminated from the App Store, we recommend that you consider alternatives to this messaging application that you have available in the App Store and that, to a greater or lesser extent, comply with the same functions as Telegram.