Reasons to Learn to Use Adobe Illustrator in 2021

Everything related to the world of design covers a good number of sectors and ways of working. Depending on what we are looking for, we can use one program or another, as you know. This is the case that we will talk about right now, Adobe Illustrator.

This is a solution that has been around for a good number of years and belongs to one of the software giants such as Adobe. This is responsible for other renowned applications such as the popular Photoshop or Premiere . In fact some users confuse Illustrator, which we will talk about now, with the mentioned Photoshop. It is true that both solutions are related to the world of tell and image, but their type of use is quite different.

Reasons to Learn to Use Adobe Illustrator in 2021

As most of you know, Photoshop is a powerful program for retouching and photo editing in general, among other things. However, when talking about Adobe Illustrator , we are referring rather to a program that focuses on vector design. So while Photoshop is used to edit and create pixel-based photos, in Illustrator we work with vectors.

These elements are made up of points that are used to create lines that serve as these in order to make creative and original creations. That is why the advantages it can offer us compared to the usual retouching programs are many. In fact, below we are going to give you some interesting reasons why it would be good for you to learn how to use this program in the year 2021 that we have just released.

The utility of vector work on the PC

As we say, this program does not have much to do with Photoshop or any other photo editing program. And we must know that the type of work in Illustrator will be very helpful when designing all kinds of graphics or own logos, for example. In addition, the vectors that we use here can be as small or as large as we need. With this we will be able to use the vector design program for both our own projects and for company projects.

Creativity, an element to exploit in Illustrator

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this vector design program, thanks to the functions that it presents as standard, allows us to carry out impressive abstract designs. As you can imagine, with this program we can fully exploit our creativity and achieve very striking results, even without having much experience in all of this.

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A wide variety of predefined effects and filters

In addition, as we mentioned, this is a valid program both for professionals and experts in this sector of design , as well as for the most novice . Thanks to all the tools and functions that it puts at our disposal, we can obtain surprising results, something that will improve with the experience. Here we can highlight the large number of filters and effects that Adobe makes available to us here.

Knowing Illustrator helps you find a job

In addition, and due to the enormous popularity of this application, many companies are looking for new workers who know how to use it to a greater or lesser extent. Thus, in addition to being able to make our own profit to create design projects, this program can help us find a new job if that is what we are looking for.