Reasons the iPad Air 4 is a Great Buy

We already told you a few months ago all the characteristics of the iPad Air 2020, the fourth generation model of this Apple range. Today we analyze which are the five keys of this to be one of the best purchases that can be made and is that today the Apple tablets are still much superior to those of Android in many aspects. Therefore, keep reading if you are interested in knowing the reasons why we recommend it.

Reasons the iPad Air 4

In love with the iPad Air 4

The love for this tablet is such that we have (and users have) that even this year it was the best Apple product. Since its announcement at the event broadcast by Apple in September and since its launch in October, we have been able to know a lot about this device and these are the five main reasons, not the only ones, why we believe that all praise is more that deserved.

1. A very ‘Pro’ style design

If you see an iPad Pro 2018 and this iPad Air it will be difficult for you to differentiate them, unless it is in one of the exclusive colors of this model. That device was the great design change of the iPad, bringing a much more optimized front without Home button and giving all the prominence to the screen. The straight edges inherited from the iPhone 4 (followed by the iPhone 12) are also a differential point in the design aspect. You will notice that you have an iPad to the last and although there are slight differences in the thickness of the frames, being more pronounced in the ‘Air’ than in the ‘Pro’, it is hardly noticeable in the day to day.

iPad Air 4

2. Ecosystem offered by iPadOS

In 2019 Apple surprised by detaching iOS from the iPad after 9 years together, which gave way to iPadOS, the software of these tablets. It is true that both aesthetically and in code it continues to share a good part of what is the iPhone system, but it has exclusive functions that make it unique. The split view, being able to manage files more completely and even connecting external drives are just some proof of this. Mice and keyboards, with all the compatible accessories that are on the market, are another sign that in the end any iPad is valid to replace a computer in many cases.

iPadOS iPad Air 2020

3. Compatibility with Apple Pencil 2

The classic Apple Pencil is fine, but the second generation made it even better. Apart from the low latency and great precision of this stylus, we find a physical element that does not bother at any time. It can be placed magnetically on one of the sides of the iPad without fear of it falling and with the guarantee that it will also be fully functional when we need it, since in this way its battery can also be charged. Its ergonomics and the possibility of adding touch functions are another point in its favor.

apple pencil

4. Overpowering

In the second point we talked about the software as a value of this iPad, but it is that in terms of hardware this device is not exactly lame. It has an A14 Bionic chip that is the same as that of the iPhone 12 family. This, beyond giving it an amazing raw performance when processing any type of task, will also help the device to guarantee that it can be updated during the least 4 or 5 more years, thus having all the software news released by Apple.

5. The importance of USB-C

The Lightning is a connector still very present in Apple, but there is no doubt that integrating the USB-C standard in devices like this is great news. This not only makes charging more efficient and being able to have compatible cables around the house, but it also facilitates the transfer of data from external storage drives, cameras and other accessories that work through this connector. This is another of the points that makes this tablet look like ‘Pro’.

So, if you were wondering whether to buy this iPad or not, be clear that it will compensate you a lot for your purchase. And not only because of these sections that we have discussed but also because of other prominent sections that we made in the article linked at the beginning.