Realme Pad: characteristics, comparison and price

There are few sectors where a brand is able to so clearly dominate the rest of its competitors. One of them is that of tablets. And, despite whoever it may be, we must admit that Apple and its iPad have been reigning for years without practically any opposition. Now he really wants to do battle with his new Realme Pad, is it really worth it?

Realme Pad, features

Realme Pad: characteristics, comparison and price

A few months ago, Realme announced that it would be expanding its product catalog. Mobile phones would continue to be the main pillar of the company and a good example of this are the latest Realme GTs, but they also wanted to add new proposals to their portfolio.

This is how the different headphones, the robot vacuum cleaner and the occasional additional solution arrived. Now what they present is a tablet and a computer, but it is with the former that they play it the most. Because it must be admitted that if there is a clear dominator in the tablet field, it is Apple and its iPad.

Therefore, are they right with a proposal of this type? Are users interested in Android tablets if the support is not ideal? Let’s go by parts and first review its technical characteristics, so that later we can assess better.

Realme Pad datasheet

  • MediaTek Helio G80 Processor
  • RAM memory 3/4 GB
  • 32/64 GB storage expandable via micro SD up to 1 TB
  • 10.4-inch screen with 2,000 x 1,200 pixel resolution
  • 7,100 mAh battery
  • 18W fast charging system
  • WiFi 5 connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE / 4G connectivity option
  • 8 megapixel resolution front and rear camera

As you can see, the hardware of the Realme Pad is modest in terms of processor issues, but soon you will understand well why this happens. So let’s keep moving forward.

Design familiar to the competition

If in terms of mobile phone design it seems that there are few original ideas, in the field of tablets it is even worse if possible. Since the release of the iPad Pro with those more angular edges, many manufacturers have cloned it without any qualms.

This is partly not bad at all, because it must be admitted that the current iPad Pro and iPad Air are very comfortable. So, let’s see with the official images how is this Realme Pad.

Physically the Realme Pad is made of aluminum and can be purchased in different colors. There will be a gray and a gold model. And as you can see, it is an attractive proposal in terms of the iPad-like design and for aspects such as a weight of only 440 grams or a thickness of 6.9 mm.

The rear, without many mysteries, has a single main camera that, as we said before, offers a resolution of 8 megapixels . Exactly the same resolution as the front camera sensor. Although without having specific details I would not expect a great performance in photographic subjects, because it possibly does not allow them and is more a couple of additions for specific uses or video calls.

The front for its part is what it is, a 10.4-inch screen with frames of the same thickness on each of its sides. Not bad on an aesthetic level, although we repeat that it is not surprising because of its resemblance to the Apple tablet.

What to expect in terms of performance

You are probably wondering what the performance of this Realme tablet would be. Well let’s see, here we have to be clear from the beginning: it will not be the most capable device on the market or even close to what the education iPad offers.

The MediaTek Helio G80 processor used by Realme in this product does not perform badly, but it is certainly not a high-end solution or for especially demanding tasks. That does not mean that for many users it is more than enough, especially if they seek to consume content mainly and make use of applications mainly related to social networks and other undemanding activities.

This does not mean that you will not be able to do all tasks, you can play and also create content beyond just consuming it. But if you are looking for a superior user experience, you may have to look for another alternative if you want the operating system to be Android.

Android 11 and Realme UI as the soul of the product

The Realme Pad is a tablet that, like the brand’s mobile phones, is based on Android 11. That means that for those who use Android as the operating system on their mobile phone, they will be able to use the same apps.

The problem with Android 11 on tablets, as much as it has been possible to customize a little Realme UI , is that the operating system itself is not so well optimized as to fight iPadOS.

So, between the views of certain apps, taking advantage of a larger screen, etc., it is difficult to bet on them if you want it to be a tool more than a simple screen on which to see the same as with the mobile phone, only bigger.

Price as a great attraction

At this point, the Realme Pad has as its main attraction its price. That is the number one reason to bet on it and it may work well for you. Although first the user has to be aware of its existence and then assess that it interests him more than putting a little more and taking an educational iPad.

And is that the Realme Pad has a cost of approximately 200 euros. When it officially arrives in Spain it is possible that its cost will be increased. Perhaps, about 249 or 300 euros this tablet could cost according to its capacity.

It is a good price? Yes, but there is also the iPad for education, when it offers a chip with great performance, battery and screen quality. In addition to having support for the Apple Pencil, which changes the experience completely. Not counting keyboard covers.

Characteristics realme Pad iPad iPad Air
Display Features Realme Pad 10.4 “2000 x 1200 pixels iPad 10.2 “2160 x 1620 pixels iPad Air 10.9 “2360 x 1640 pixels
Processor Features Realme Pad MediaTek Helio G80 iPad Apple A12 iPad Air Apple A14
RAM and storage features Realme Pad 3/4 GB RAM and 32/64 GB ROM iPad 3 GB RAM and 32/128 GB ROM iPad Air 4 GB RAM and 64/256 GB ROM
Features Rear Camera Realme Pad 8MP iPad 8MP iPad Air 12MP
Front Camera Features Realme Pad 8PM iPad 1,2MP iPad Air 7MP
Battery Features Realme Pad 7000 mAh with USB C charging iPad with Lightning charge iPad Air with USB C charging
Features Connectivity Realme Pad WiFi 5, BT 5 and optional LTE / 4G iPad WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE networks option iPad Air WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE networks option
Features Price Realme Pad From 250 euros approximately iPad From 379 euros iPad Air From 649 euros
Extra Features Realme Pad – iPad Compatible with Apple Pencil (1Gen) iPad Air Compatible with Apple Pencil (2Gen)

The only reason that can put you back on the iPad is that it uses iPadOS and you may not like Apple’s operating system for whatever reason. But it is complicated, especially when in the most important thing, the available applications, there is no rival.

In spite of everything, it will depend on the use of each one and the great advantage of many of these Andrioid-based proposals is precisely in that, in the operating system. Whoever adapts well and is clear that he will be able to use all the apps he really needs, then he sure does not disappoint.

It really seems clear to me that the strategy to compete with the iPad right now is: similar design and tighter price. They will be officially launched at the end of 2021 in Spain. At the moment they are for sale only in India.