Realme Buds Air: Test and Review

There is no doubt that, for a while now, wireless headphones have become the best accessory for our mobile phone. Since Apple launched its famous AirPods a couple of years ago, there are many brands that have launched into this unexplored land with greater or lesser fortune. In the case of reals Buds Air , its main asset is the price and sound quality .


Before getting into the full review of these helmets that will go on sale this month in our country, it is appropriate to review what their main characteristics are to know what the brand offers us compared to other competing models:

  • Dimensions and weight (cover) : 51.3 x 45.3 x 25.3 mm / 42 gr
  • Weight of each headset : 4.2 gr
  • Chip : R1
  • Battery : 400 mAH (5 charges) with wireless charging + USB Type C
  • Colors : White, black and yellow
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0

When analyzing the wireless headphones of any manufacturer there are 3 key aspects to consider: sound quality, ergonomics and price. Precisely these 3 variables with which the new bet of realme meets note, because they are well above the competition, provided we stay in a price range below 100 euros.

Realme Buds Air

Sound quality

The sensitivity and quality of the speakers and microphones in the not too expensive headphones is usually just, rather testimonial. But in these Buds Air, the truth is that we have found something more than decent, because we cannot lose sight of the fact that we are facing a device that is put up for sale in Spain for 69.90 euros. As an image is worth more (in this case an audio) than a thousand words, nothing better than checking it for yourself in the following clip where you will find the analysis of the Buds Air Realme on video.

On a technical level we have wireless headphones that offer 44.1kHz / 16-bit audio, SBC, AAC but not aPTX or aPTX HD. This, translated to the common of mortals, means that the audio quality is, as we have advanced, not excellent but more than good. The headphones have a fairly warm tone and it shows how the brand has placed a lot of emphasis on bass and bass.

On the other hand, the highs are heard with nuances and some note or detail is not usually missed. The brand’s commitment to its own customized solution called DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) is enhanced, which improves the background sound in order to offer the user a more inverse experience. Of course, it would not hurt any more competent system to filter external sound (which if it happens during calls thanks to noise cancellation ).

The brand’s commitment to its own customized solution called DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) is noted.

In short, without losing its price, we talk about a fairly balanced wireless headphones at the level of auditory quality and music playback.


However good headphones are, if they hurt us by inserting them into our ear or have notches that make their use uncomfortable, we will be able to enjoy them little. In this sense few hits we can put on the headphones because, based on a design as contrasted as the Apple AirPods, we are sure that they will adapt perfectly in our ear.

This design is joined by a weight of 4.6 grams, which makes the Reals Buds Air one of the lightest cordless headphones we can try to enjoy our songs or movies more than comfortably.

Realme Buds Air

Something that affects the comfort of the device is also the latency with respect to what we reproduce on the smartphone (synchronized by Bluetooth 5.0). Air Buds have gesture control that works perfectly once you get used to them. But there is a distinctive delay between the double tap on the headphones and the music that turns on / off on the mobile. However, it is reduced to 120 milliseconds in the gaming mode that is activated by pressing the two sides of the headset and is almost imperceptible.

The real Buds Air are one of the lightest cordless headphones we can try today.

Battery and autonomy

In addition to the price, sound quality and design, a key aspect that determines the choice of an accessory or another is its battery . As in any digital device, the duration will depend on the use, but on average we have been able to enjoy music on these headphones for about 3 hours and 20 minutes / 3 hours and 30 minutes with a full charge.

The headphone box itself has a 400 mAh battery that will give you approximately 5 charges (making a total of about 17 hours) and the headphones charge in about 30 minutes , simply by inserting them inside. On the other hand, the aforementioned box completely recharges its battery in about two and a quarter hours and does so by connecting them to the current through its USB Type-C port. At this point it is necessary to highlight the good work of the wireless charging that It takes a little less to incorporate the Qi 10W protocol already present in almost all smartphones.

Realme Buds Air

Extras that add up

When we analyze products so similar to each other, it is in the small details where a brand must impose its good work. In the case of these real Buds Air these details come in the form of an optical system that saves battery power by detecting when we remove the earpiece, automatically stopping music playback.

They allow to save battery when detecting when we remove the earpiece, automatically stopping music playback.

But it also adds a gesture control that, as soon as you get used to it, is most comfortable and reduces the need to be looking at the mobile continuously.

  • Two presses: pause / play song or pick up calls.
  • Three pulsations: pass song.
  • Long press on one side: Start mobile voice assistant or reject calls.
  • Long press on two sides: activate or deactivate the game mode that reduces the latency of the headphones by up to 51%.

realme buds air

Buds Air vs AirPods

With a very similar design, as minimalist as practical, the real Buds Air and AirPods are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 , which guarantees a stable and trouble-free connection.

Both have noise cancellation using a double microphone to keep external noises at bay and, as we have seen, they are equipped with deep bass and AAC audio. To this we must add the option of wireless charging.

While the AirPods work with the H1 chip that allows access to Siri using only your voice, Realme headphones require a press to access the voice assistant. In return, the Buds Air offer the aforementioned low latency game mode of 120 ms that guarantees you a stable and much more comfortable gaming experience.

At battery level, the autonomy offered by Apple is a small step above because it offers about 24 hours total without the need to charge the box, compared to 17 hours of Realme.

On paper we have two very similar devices before, except that the realme option costs almost 3 times less than Apple’s wireless headphones. In addition to being cheaper, the real Buds Air can also be purchased in different colors (black, yellow and white), while Apple’s option does not go beyond the classic light tone.

In addition to being cheaper, realme Buds Air can also be purchased in different colors (black, yellow and white).

Price and availability

Realme’s cheap wireless headphones arrive in Spain this month. From February 21 you can buy them in white, yellow or black for a price of € 69.90 , the most adjusted for everything they offer. You can buy them in the Realme online store as well as in other classic distributors of the company like Amazon, PcComponentes or MediaMarkt.