Realme Band: Features of This Xiaomi Mi Band Alternative

Through its Twitter account and repeating a mechanic already habitual in the company, Realme shows its Realme Band, one of the new products that will officially be released next March 5. With an aesthetic that will be familiar to you, it is very likely that we are ahead of the company’s next success.

Realme Band, IP68 resistance and an interesting detail

Despite not having a very extensive catalog of products, at least for now, Realme is getting a dent in the technology sector in all those countries where it is present. With its phones, for example, it has managed to arouse the interest of numerous users thanks to its good performance and competitive prices, with practically the same wireless headphones and with its next product the same may be the case. Moreover , the Realme Band bet that it will be the next great success of the company and a tough rival for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

With a design that possibly reminds you of what is seen in other similar activity wristbands, the Realme Band offers an elongated aesthetic where a full color screen prevails. In it you can see data such as time, related to its quantification functions and also the notifications that arrive when it is paired to the mobile phone.

As for health and physical activity functions, the bracelet will have a heart rate meter, options to quantify different sports activities (cricket for the Indian market) and, of course, also keep track of sleep. A feature that is always interesting, because knowing the hours you are resting and how you do it lets you know how well you rest or not. And so be able to make the right decisions to improve sleep.

Available in several colors , one of the details that have caught our attention is that the bracelet integrates a USB A male connector. None of the typical micro USB connector or proprietary options that other brands integrate. Thanks to that simple detail, charging will be easier as it can be connected to multiple power chargers or even to the USB ports of many computers or other electronic devices. And all without losing a property as important as IP68 protection.

However, if we take into account the autonomy of other similar bracelets, the load should not be a problem because with a load we could overcome 10 days with peace of mind.

Realme Band, price and availability

The new Realme Band activity bracelet will be officially presented on March 5 next to the new Realme 6 series terminals. It will be then when we know all the full details and the price. So in a few days all possible doubts will be resolved.