Reading faster is possible, another thing is to have retention capacity

There are online applications and services that allow you to read faster. All of them share more or less the same technique and according to the user’s training they are more or less effective in saving time. Still, knowing that reading faster is possible , is it really worth it?

Applications and services to read faster

The obsession to save maximum time in all the things we do every day does not lead to creating technologies that, although they are useful, sometimes break the mold of what we consider normal. Reading is not free and there are applications and services that seek to offer the user greater reading ability. With these types of solutions, if you practice you will be able to read up to 1,000 words per minute.

How are speeds of readings so high achieved? As the idea is very simple, these services analyze the text and begin to show it word by word and with just pauses according to the punctuation marks. And the main thing, the words always appear at the same point on the screen and centered. This reduces eye movement.

According to data, 20% of the reading time is dedicated to reading comprehension and the remaining 80% to the eye movement r. If you manage to avoid that 80%, you are gaining time to show more information without affecting compression. Or that, at least, is what all these proposals affirm. Yes, this is not the same for each and every one of us.

How the reading capabilities, both at the speed level and retention and understanding, of each user are different, these services and applications offer variable speed options. So you can adjust based on your experience and training. As you feel you progress and improve you can increase.

Do apps work to read faster?

Yes and no, that is, it will depend on the reading time and also on the user. After a time of use the skills to read faster grow and you are able to consume more content at the same time or the same amount in less time. The problem is that the reading is not always the same . If you allow us to do the simile, reading is like food. There is fast food to quench hunger without complications and food to enjoy the time it takes.

Reading some internet articles or certain types of information and stories is something that can benefit a lot from these systems. However, there is another type of content that is enjoyed more calmly, with the classic coffee in between and reflecting on each idea that is reflected in its text.

Therefore, like any other advance or novelty you have to know when to use it or what consequences it can have. But if you’re interested in giving it a try, do it. There is something that to some extent attracts and seeing how words progress faster as you adapt to that solution is something satisfactory.

And beware, do you know where these types of apps do bring a lot of value? In smart watches . Due to the size of their screens they allow reading on them. Below you have a list of apps and the occasional service with the option of installing a bookmarklet for quick access.

Try and tell us what you think, if you adapt, if you are able to retain what you read or if you end up stressing more and do not enjoy what should be one of the pleasures of life: savor a good reading with calm and tranquility .