Razer Iskur: Design, Features and Price

Razer already has its first gaming chair, its name is Razer Iskur and together with a quite striking design, with that black tone and details in fluorescent green, it is designed to offer maximum ergonomics to users during long periods of gaming and even work. Of course, like other similar options it is not exactly economical.

Razer’s first gaming chair

Razer Iskur

Razer is mainly known for its mice, keyboards and even computers with a clear gaming focus. Although the brand has some other interesting product with the same approach as its microphones, headphones and even gamepads for mobile devices.

However, and although it may seem strange, until now they have not gotten into a field that would have been something natural for them: ergonomic gaming chairs. But all this ended with the presentation of Razer’s first gaming chair: Razer Iskur . A proposal that will not attract your attention at first due to its similarity to other proposals on the market, such as the Omega from SecretLab, although it is true that basically all of these have a certain similarity since they are partly inspired by the seats of competition cars.

So focusing on the Razer Iskur, what does this first Razer gaming chair offer? Well, the main thing is a higher level of ergonomics than any other common office chair that many users use both for work and play. For this we have a fairly wide seat capable of “picking up” the user well. Also a high back with a series of extras to maintain a proper posture in the spine.

The latter, maintaining the posture of the back in a correct way, is achieved like other proposals with a lumbar cushion that this time is somewhat larger in size. According to the brand this helps even more to achieve that goal. It is also one of the most striking aesthetic elements of the chair due to that stitching in the shape of a snake pixel that fits very well with the brand’s logo.

Along with all this are also the 4D armrests capable of being adjusted in height and position (forward, backward and to the sides) to better adapt to the way of playing of each user. And finally a neck cushion with “memory” foam that remembers the physiognomy of the user so that it adapts better every time they sit in the chair.

Without a doubt an interesting proposal, although not really groundbreaking with respect to those that other brands have already presented or have been selling for some time. But if you are a fan of the brand and you like their products, now you can have one more. A chair with which if you spend a lot of time playing and even working in front of the computer you will feel more comfortable and you will appreciate that in the long run.

By the way, the chair is designed to support the weight of users up to 136 kg and 1.90 meters in height.

Razer Iskur, price and availability

The new Razer gaming chair can now be purchased at a price of 499 euros and will ship from October 29. Yes, it is true that it is a somewhat high price if one takes into account what the vast majority usually invest in a product of this type. Anyway, as we have said on more than one occasion, if you spend many hours in front of the computer playing or working, a good chair is the best investment you will make.

It is also a type of product whose useful life is not only one or two years, but 5 and even 10. Therefore, making a simple rule of three you will see that they are not so expensive and the advantages that it will offer in terms of postural hygiene They are very important. Well, as long as it delivers what the brand promises in terms of comfort and ergonomics.