How to Quickly Share Personal Information with Huawei Mobiles

There are many occasions when we have to share our personal data. Whether it is a professional request or to remind a relative of our address, it is always useful to have all the information on hand to quickly copy and paste. However, on many occasions we have to rewrite this information by hand, not remembering where we have placed it on the mobile. However, Huawei has the solution to share our data at lightning speed.

Quickly Share Personal Information with Huawei Mobiles

This is one of the most useful functions of contact management in our Huawei, but that many users are unaware of. However, it is the easiest way to send our address, name, email and other data in the fastest way. In addition, we will avoid making mistakes since by writing the information only once, we can always send it in the same way. As we will see, Huawei offers us several options to share our information.

Activate the function from contacts

From quick access

In order to share our data quickly, we will have to go to the Contacts icon found on the desktop . Then, we hold down on the icon and click on the “I” option. Once done we will see a QR code that contains our data. If we have never configured this option or want to complete it, we will have to click on “Edit” to select all the fields: address, email, telephone …

Huawei compartir datos personales (2)

Three options for sharing information

Once done, we can click on the share button to send our data. This system offers us three different ways to send our information :

  • Business card : QR code business card format
  • vCard: valid method so that other mobiles can recognize the information as a contact and can easily add us to the agenda
  • Text : the information is sent as a plain text with the corresponding fields to be able to copy and paste easily. It is ideal for WhatsApp or email.

compartir contacto huawei

Choose the way to share

Once done, we can choose the way in which to share our personal information . Among the options there are many and varied such as email, although it will also depend on the applications or tools that we have installed. At the bottom, we can see the three ways in which the information is seen in WhatsApp, sent as a business card, vCard and text. Choosing each option will depend on our taste or the capabilities of the receiver, even the application for which we send it.

huawei compartir datos personales