Quality Vertical Mice with the Best Value for Money

More and more people are interested in the use of a vertical mouse. A type of mouse that was created above all to avoid certain health problems that horizontal mice can generate due to a poor wrist position and prolonged use of them. If you are thinking of buying one, we show you some of the best vertical mice that you can find today.

Although its appearance takes us back to the 90s, the truth is that it was in the year 2000 when they began to be available to anyone who wanted to buy a mouse with this format. The main objective was to find a better posture in front of the computer, since many people, and still are, those who had greeting problems after using a horizontal mouse for a while. Among the most common injuries are tendonitis or the famous carpal tunnel syndrome.

Vertical Mice with the Best Value for Money

In this way, vertical mice prevent the forearm ligaments from being placed in a natural position, something that does not happen with horizontal mice, since without realizing it, they remain rotated during the use of the mouse. Prolonged use causes us to cause this type of injury. There are studies that indicate that an upright mouse can prevent or improve these types of injuries or ailments, while others claim that the improvements are minimal, so there is still some uncertainty in this regard. However, if you are thinking of buying a vertical mouse, these are some of the details to take into account when choosing one.

Important when choosing one

If you are looking for a vertical mouse, there are certain basic aspects or characteristics that you should take into account when choosing one model or another:

  • Design : It is important to assess the ergonomics offered by each model so that the hand, wrist and elbow are in the best possible posture. Therefore, it is advisable to assess the design, shape, dimensions, depending on our hand and weight of the device.
  • Wireless or wired : Another feature to consider is if we prefer a wireless model or if, on the contrary, we do not care if it has a wired connection. On the one hand, a wireless model offers us greater freedom, but we will depend on wireless connections and even batteries, something that we will not have to worry about if the connection and wired.

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  • Resolution and sensor : The precision of the mouse or mouse is also a detail to take into account depending on the type of tasks that we usually perform on our computer. In this sense, both the resolution and the type of sensor are two important aspects to take into account if we are looking for a model that offers us a certain precision. Resolution is expressed in dpi or dots per inch, indicating the number of pixels that the pointer moves on the screen for each inch of movement physically made by the device. For its part, the vertical mouse can have an optical or laser sensor, which will offer us greater or lesser precision depending on the surface on which we use it.
  • Programmable keys : Some models can offer us the possibility of programming certain actions on certain mouse buttons, something quite useful if we are gaming fans.
  • Price : Of course, the budget we have is an important factor when choosing one model or another. The important thing will be to find one that meets our needs and offers us the best possible quality and price ratio.

Vertical mice with great value for money

Logitech MX

A wireless vertical mouse from the manufacturer Logitech with a vertical angle of 57 degrees for a natural holding position with a textured surface. It offers the possibility of synchronizing up to three devices, has a 4000 dpi sensor for optimal precision and is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPad and Linux.

ratón vertical logitech mx

Vertical wireless TECKNET

This model is an ergonomically designed vertical wireless mouse designed to help reduce wrist pain. It has 6 adjustable buttons, a battery life of up to 18 months, it is Plug & Pay, adjustable cursor speed, 2,000 dpi and 2.4 GHz connectivity.

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Trust Gaming GXT vertical mouse

Ergonomic vertical mouse specially designed for gaming with a high precision optical sensor, up to 10,000 dpi. It has 6 programmable buttons, maximum speed and acceleration, customizable RGB lighting and a weight of 138 grams.

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Logitech MX Master Vertical Mouse

This model from Logitech is another interesting vertical mouse. It has a shape that adapts perfectly to the hand and allows both the hand and the wrist to be supported in a comfortable and natural position. It has Easy Switch technology, allows you to pair up to three computers and has an adaptive speed smart wheel and rechargeable battery.

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DELUXE vertical mouse

This wireless vertical mouse features Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4 GHz, built-in rechargeable battery, 6 buttons and up to four dpi levels. It has an ergonomic and compact design for a natural position of our hand, 1000 mAh battery, dual mode connection, it is made of high quality ABS and is compatible with Windows, desktop computer, laptop, some Mac models, Android phones, etc.

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QZVOO vertical mouse

An ergonomic mouse designed to adapt to the shape of our hand and improve the muscular tension of our forearm. Specially made for those who spend a lot of hours playing in front of the computer. Wireless model with a vertical angle of 57 degrees, 3D scroll wheel, DPI buttons to choose from 4 different levels and compatible with both Windows and Mac or iPad.

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Anker 98ANWVM-UBA Vertical Mouse

It is a simple vertical mouse with an ergonomic design to promote a healthy and natural posture of our hand and wrist to release tension. It offers up to three levels of dpi and has optical tracking technology to provide greater sensitivity. It has an energy saving mode and includes a 2.4 GHz USB receiver.

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Ayuly Wired Vertical Mouse

Mouse with vertical ergonomic design designed to reduce forearm tension, wrist pain or even elbow. It has a high quality rubber coating suitable for different sizes of the hand, 6 programmable buttons, DPI button to adjust the optical sensor and precision, scroll wheel. It is widely compatible with different equipment and operating systems and Plug & Play.

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ECHTPower Mouse with Joystick

It is a vertical mouse with joystick ideal for gaming with 11 programmable buttons. 10,000 dpi optical mouse with up to 5 different levels of acceleration and sensitivity, wired and compatible with almost all versions of Windows and also with Linux.

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New Way vertical mouse

This New Way is another 3,200 dpi vertical wireless mouse model with USB cable and adjustable weight. With its design, it guarantees a natural and comfortable hand position to avoid fatigue and injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or epicondylitis. Functions at the fingertips and side buttons for more comfortable navigation. Great compatibility.

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