How to put an alert to avoid wasting your mobile data

Internet access rates are increasing and offering us more possibilities, but at the same time we are consuming more and more online content. This ends up affecting and causing us to spend the data rate before its renewal and that we find ourselves facing a serious problem.

To solve this situation, we can set an alert on the consumption of mobile data that will notify us once the right moment arrives. With this we can be calm and continue when our mobile as before, but we will have to pay attention to the contents once the alert appears on the screen.

put an alert to avoid wasting your mobile data

Guide to alert data consumption on Android

With the intention that our data rate does not run out and we get a surprise, we are going to show you everything you must do to get that notice that can help us so much. There is no perfect limit for each user, but it will depend on our own data rate and the use we usually do. The process in stock Android extends to Google Pixel, Motorola and Nokia mobiles, changing as we will see later in other brands.

To set the desired limit on Android smartphones, the process is as follows:

advertencia datos moviles

  • We enter the smartphone settings.
  • We touch on the option Networks and internet.
  • Next we click on the Internet.
  • We choose the data network to which we are connected, which usually appears with the name of the operator and we touch on its options.
  • Finally we go down to the option called Limit and data warning.

configurar alerta datos moviles

Once we get to this panel, we will have to configure several devices if we want the consumption warning to work well. In case of skipping a step, we may find that these alerts are useless and do not help us to control our mobile data.

What we will have to do to achieve the best result is to touch on the data use cycle, where we will establish the day that our operator renews the data and thus be able to start counting from that moment so as not to spend all our megabytes. Of course we have to activate the “Data warning” button, to finally choose as we please and when we need to use GB or MB to receive the warning that will make us put the brakes on.

Don’t go overboard on your Xiaomi

With the number of options that MIUI has built into the system to help us control the smartphone to our liking, it is difficult to imagine that there is not an option for this purpose. However, we can go crazy to find the limiter or internet warning if we try to find it from the settings. To start it we have to resort to the well-known and more than valuable Xiaomi Security app, which is inside the tools folder.

limite aviso datos moviles xiaomi

Once inside the application in question, we have to go down to touch on access to Data usage. Once inside we are going to implement a mobile data limit, with which the warning will be accompanied. You just have to tap on the blue button, then write the amount of data we have available and finally choose with what percentage the alert will be displayed. Thus, for example, having consumed 80% of the rate, the message that reminds us will appear.

The steps in Huawei phones

For all those who have a mobile with EMUI, the process to follow changes again with respect to everything seen previously. The steps are again very specific and make us pay attention to each option we touch. The path to follow will be the following Settings> Mobile networks> Data usage> More data settings.

advertencia datos moviles huawei

Once we are inside the panel, we will have to establish a monthly data limit yes or yes, in order to activate the alerts. Then we touch on Reminder of use , which will show us this notice that we want on the screen and we choose with what percentage of data consumed per month we want the alert. A great advantage is that Huawei offers us here also to put a daily traffic notice, in case we one day see a lot of videos or social networks.

Choose the warning on your Samsung Galaxy

Another brand where the option is not lacking is Samsung, the manufacturer integrates this options panel into all mobiles regardless of the model or version of One UI. To access it and be able to configure the limitations of data in billing, we have to do these steps:

alerta uso datos moviles samsung

As in the rest of the smartphone, we release in the settings, and then touch on connections and then on data use. We continue touching on mobile data use and in order to modify the parameters, we will have to touch on the settings wheel in the upper right part. Here we find the option to choose the beginning of billing, data notice and if we want a monthly consumption limit.

Set the alert on Realme, OPPO and OnePlus

The mobile phones of the BBK Electronics group share many options in their customization layers, which allows us to explain how to establish the consumption notice in equal parts in Realme UI, ColorOS and in OxygenOS. A few steps that begin in Settings> SIM card and mobile data.

limite aviso datos oppo

Within the panel we will find a series of options among which we have to choose Mobile data limit that appears at the top, below the MB or GB consumed so far. Once inside, we will have to choose the start date of the data period, choose a monthly data limit and finally activate the data warning.

Can we put data alerts on iPhones?

Although there are aspects in which the two main mobile operating systems do not change at all, it does happen in this case. Apple does not allow or limit or create a warning that makes us pay attention to the consumption that we are making in the terminal.

consumo datos moviles iphone

This forces us to be attentive continuously and that will be the only control process at our disposal, entering Settings> Mobile data. Where at least we can know the data consumption of each application, to have the most accurate information possible.