Purple Card in Warzone: How to Bomb the Zombies

The first defense measures arrive against the zombie spread in the Verdansk lands. The latest Warzone update has activated a new casualty streak that you can buy at the new shopping stations that will appear on the new monitors scattered around the map, those where you can see the percentage of spread of the infection. Do you want to know how to unleash the bombardment? Well, keep reading.

How to bomb in Warzone

How to Bomb the Zombies

A new somewhat special streak of casualties has come to Warzone, and to achieve it you will have to suffer among zombies. The new complement requires obtaining a new identification key, a purple card that the zombies will leave when you finish with all of them, so you will have to summon them and kill all those that appear in order to access the gift.

As it happened previously in the areas that were previously infected (hospital, gulaj and the ship), we will have to find the summoning machine of zombies to force them to appear and begin with the annihilation. You will find the machine in the armored vault of the bank, and that will be where you have to press the summon button to start the party.

Zombies Warzone

Be careful with possible predators (other players), as they could be waiting for the right moment to shoot you from behind before capturing the purple card .

What is the purple card for?

Tarjeta morada Warzone

Once you have the card, you can make sure you have it with you by checking the icon of the purple skull that you will see next to your name. With it in your power, you will have to move to one of the terminals scattered around the map, some screens that currently show a percentage of 5% referring to the zombie occupation or the state of the containment protocol (it is not very clear to us), and that from now on we will be able to

interact with them as a shopping station.

As we approach the screen, an interaction button will appear, and so we can buy some accessories such as a gas mask, the RC-XD, self-resuscitation kit, armor box, equipment marker, advanced UAV and the Forecast item with the one to be able to see all the areas in which the circle will be closed throughout the entire game (this costs $ 20,000).

The bombing

Warzone bombing

But if there is a striking item, it is none other than the Bombardment, a completely free casualty streak that you can redeem if you have the purple card, since otherwise you will not be able to get it in any way. The moment you exchange it, a massive bombardment will fall on the infected area, which today is located on the bank. A new black circle will appear on the map that will indicate where the bombing will take place, so if you are caught in that area, it is best to run as soon as possible.