ProtonCalendar: the first really secure and private calendar

proton-calendarBoth privacy and security are very important factors for users today. The truth is that in many occasions they are not present. There are many threats that are in the network and that can compromise our day to day and put at risk the proper functioning of the systems. This makes users look for alternatives to the main platforms on many occasions. Today we are going to talk about ProtonCalendar , the first fully encrypted calendar application.

ProtonCalendar, a secure and private option to have a calendar

ProtonMail is one of the most popular email providers today. It is considered as a private and secure option and more and more private users and companies are choosing this service. You have now announced ProtonCalendar , a calendar based entirely on privacy.

This popular email provider arose from the need for users to use a fully encrypted service. ProtonMail offers end-to-end encryption , something that other services have included over time. Having millions of users around the world has caused the company to launch other applications.

One of these applications is ProtonCalendar. It offers end-to-end encryption and according to its developers it is the first calendar application that has this option. Otherwise, it works like a normal calendar.

At the moment it should be mentioned that it is a Beta version . It allows you to create and delete events, set reminders, generate repetitive activities, etc. Everything a calendar usually offers, but this time we are facing an option that maintains privacy and security. From the company indicate that in the coming months you will receive important updates and improvements.

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Available only in web version

So far we can only use ProtonCalendar in its web version . However, plans for 2020 contemplate creating dedicated applications for both iOS and Android, the two most used operating systems on mobile devices. It should also be noted that at the moment the amount of available storage is limited, as well as the accounts that we can link.

For now it is available for those who have a subscription in ProtonMail. In the coming months it will be open to all types of users and they will be able to make use of its benefits to improve security and privacy in the use of a service as useful as the calendar.

Beyond presenting ProtonCalendar , the company has also mentioned that it is working on a cloud storage tool. ProtonDrive will be available in the future and will serve to host files on the network in a more secure and encrypted way. We already know that both security and privacy are fundamental factors for users and more and more are the protected tools that we can find.

In short, ProtonMail has created the first fully encrypted calendar. This is ProtonCalendar, and although it is still in a Beta version, it is expected that it will soon be available to all types of users.