Pros and Cons of Using Google as Your Default Search Engine

Pros and Cons of Using Google as Your Default Search Engine

As the years have passed, the diversity in terms of Internet browsers that we can draw on has grown greatly. However, most users, no matter what program they choose, we end up using the same default search engine, Google.

With this, what we really want to tell you is that there are users who choose to use Google Chrome, others for Firefox, for Edge, or any other. But be that as it may, most of them establish the Google search engine as the home page . It is evident that we also configure that same search engine of the technological giant to use it by default. It is true that among the proposals that we can find in this same sense today, this is perhaps the most powerful and effective. however there are many who over time realize that it may not be the best alternative.

It goes without saying that the search giant is currently one of the great technological benchmarks. We find products and platforms from the firm wherever we go, and most of them are of great quality and versatility. As many of you will remember, it all started precisely from the search engine that we refer to in these lines. but we cannot forget that there are other alternatives from other companies such as Bing or Duckduckgo, among others.

Moreover, at the same time we must bear in mind that many of the current browsers let us choose the default search engine that we want to use. So next we are going to see the pros and cons of opting for Google .


The power in terms of content search is greater

If the vast majority of users use the search engine of the technological giant we are talking about, it is for something. Over the years it has not stopped growing and improving until it has become the powerful search platform that it is today.

To all this we can add that, despite the simple user interface that it presents to us by default, the power and technology that it hides behind at the moment is incomparable to the rest of the proposals.

Many browsers bring Google as the default search engine

We must admit that most users when working with new software, one of the premises we seek is simplicity. If we take into account that Google is the default search engine that most current browsers bring , it adds up to make it the most popular.

Moreover, if the power of this alternative, we add that many users do not know that they can change the default search engine, it does not stop growing.

Google is complemented by many other services

Due to the importance of the market interaction that this search engine achieved in devices around the world, it works together with many other platforms of the firm. As you can imagine, this makes things much easier for us on a day-to-day basis with the PC or with mobile devices .

For example, this is because everything we do under the shadow of Google is stored in our personal account . For some this is a great advantage, but on the contrary other users think that it is a very big problem.

Privacy, the big problem with this search engine

When we talk about a very big problem in this case, we specifically refer to everything related to privacy in Google. And it is necessary to bear in mind that despite everything that is saved in our account, including the searches we do from here, in one way or another the firm itself has access to all of this. It is for this reason that all this data is sometimes used for purposes that are not entirely lawful, such as advertising.

Hence precisely that over the years many users prefer to put aside this proposal that we are talking about, to use others such as the aforementioned Duckduckgo .