Project Hazel, Razer’s N95 Mask with RGB Lights, Mic and Speaker

Project Hazel

It is not the first mask that Razer manufactures, but it is the most striking of the two that it has decided to create to date and the smartest on the market according to it. Of course, before dealing with the most important topic of all, the real level of protection it offers, let’s talk about how Project Hazel wants to be the reusable mask with a microphone, speaker and even RGB lights that you carry in your day to day.

Project Hazel, the mask for gamers

During all these pandemic months, we have seen how many manufacturers have been launching different proposals related to protection measures against COVID-19. From boxes that disinfect mobile devices to, as is the case, masks with certain elements that seek to provide them with a certain “intelligence”.

Logically, many of them, beyond the spectacular of their designs, fail in their basic task, which is to protect whoever wears it or those around its bearer from contagion by coronavirus. But before seeing if this one from Razer complies or not, let’s talk about the proposal itself at the design and technology level.

Project Hazel is the name of this new mask that with a very particular design stands out mainly for the use of RGB lights and for being transparent. Yes, do not ask much about the lights about who might be interested, but it seems that if Razer has decided to include them it is because they have surely seen that there is a market. Like all those fans of cyberpunk aesthetics and with a certain gamer profile.

Manufactured so that the user’s mouth can be seen, the mask incorporates two ducts on the sides through which it lets in and out the air that it previously filters. Those holes are also the ones that are illuminated with RGB lights and that the user seems to be able to customize through the use of a mobile application. Hence this qualification as the most intelligent mask on the market, although there is more.

Razer has also integrated a microphone and speaker to make the user’s communication with other people much more efficient. Something that we must admit here is interesting, because surely the vast majority of us have suffered that situation in which they did not understand what we were saying very well.

Otherwise, the mask is reusable and you can or should be able to use it as many times as you want. All you have to do is change the filters and that’s it. In addition, it is easily washable and the edges are made of silicone for comfort and greater durability.

Is it really safe?

And now the big question that many will be asking, is Project Hazel a really safe and valid mask according to the measures stipulated by the competent bodies? Well , not for now , to date it is still just another N95-type mask.

That means that until you receive the certification from an authorized health body, you will not stop being a very attractive proposal, but not at all safe compared to the FFP2 mask.

Therefore, along with the fact that it is a concept that Razer has not yet put on sale, the mask that gives this Project Hazel its name will continue to be a striking product that could have been perfectly taken from Cyberpunk 2077.