Best Programs and Websites to Listen to Radio Stations on the Internet

The massive use of the Internet for millions of users has been a real revolution in their lives, both at work and in their personal life. You can now work in the cloud, watch movies and series via streaming, as well as listen to the radio online in a simple way.

For all this, different companies and developers create different specific platforms for all this, both paid and free, which are very helpful. In fact, along these same lines, we want to focus on something that has been accompanying us for decades and that has more and more followers. In particular we refer to radio , an element of entertainment that with the arrival of the Internet has evolved to a great extent.

Programs and Websites to Listen to Radio Stations on the Internet

We tell you this because there are many users who have changed their customs in this regard. Thus, they have stopped listening to the radio through traditional methods, to do it online, as we are going to show you.

Advantages of listening to the radio online

There are many advantages that all this presents us, especially for those accustomed to making use of this element on a regular basis. And it must be taken into account that while many prefer television as a companion, many others opt for the radio.

Well, now, by being able to make use of it online , among many other advantages they have the possibility of accessing thousands of stations from their devices. All this without using any additional hardware element. We achieve all this, either by installing a program that connects, or by directly accessing the platform as such from the browser.

In addition, this is something that we can carry out from the same computer or from a mobile phone or Tablet, for example. To all this we must add the fact that there are more and more developers of this type of platforms and programs , which also stop us from improving.

Programs to listen to radio on the Internet

That is why below we are going to show you a selection of applications of this type that will allow you to listen to the radio online. These work like conventional programs that are installed on the system for later execution.

Nexus Radio, thousands of free stations

We are going to start with Nexus Radio, a free program whose operation is focused on giving us the possibility of listening to thousands of stations from around the world. For this we will only have to install the program and use its interface in a simple way. It should be noted that it has a list so that we can quickly locate the style of music that we like the most to show the corresponding stations.

Nexus Radio

Say that in turn we have a favorites section where we can store the stations that are most interesting to us. Thus the access to them in the future will be faster. You can download the program as such from this link .

Tray Radio, the world’s radio in one interface

Next we will talk about Tray Radio, another proposal of this type that allows us, in addition, to add stations from all over the world in an additional way. So we can have direct access to what really interests us without having to navigate through innumerable elements of this type. At the same time it presents its own equalizer so that we can control the audio output and customize it to the maximum, all of this to download from here .

Tray Radio

But that’s not all, since the program itself also allows us to define a series of useful keyboard shortcuts to control the application more efficiently.

VLC, online radio from the most used player

Yes, we have not mistaken the program, since the mythical multimedia player that most of us have installed on our PC, will also help us. As most of you already know, here we talk about what could be considered the most used program to watch videos and listen to music. It works both on PC and on other devices, but it will also help us to listen to the radio via streaming .


To do this, we open the player and then go to the View / Playlist menu. In the left part of the window that appears we find several options that refer to the method with which we can access to reproduce content in this program. In the case at hand, we opted for the Icecast Radio Directory entry, where we click. Then on the screen, specifically in the right panel of it, we will see the radio stations that VLC includes by default. Then we will only have to select the one that interests us the most. Of course, here the management functions of these elements are a little more limited. To download VLC you can do it from here .

Clementine, play multimedia content and listen to the radio

As in the case described above, in this case we are talking about another powerful multimedia player that is also in charge of letting us listen to the radio . This software may not be as well known as the one mentioned above, but it still complies with the above operating mode.


In this way we will have a program to watch videos or listen to MP3s , but which also gives us access to online radio. For this, it is enough that we go to the section called Internet of its main interface. This will not show various music streaming services in addition to a large number of stations across the Internet. This is a program that you can download from this link . To say that the station management options here are also quite poor.

Web applications to listen to radio online

Now we are going to move on to the web applications that you can use in this same sense, the difference here is that we access them from the browser . And it is that they are online platforms that give us access, equally, to a good number of radios from all over the world.

Internet Radio, all your musical styles on one website

If there is something that characterizes this proposal that we are talking about now, it is because of the enormous number of radio musical styles that we can choose from. These are found directly when accessing this web application , at the top, so we will only have to choose the one we like the most. We see them of all types, and once we select one of them we find several proposals in the form of stations from all over the world. To enjoy all this we will only have to access this link .

Internet radio

Streema, tens of thousands of radio stations in the browser

Here we find another online platform with these same characteristics from which we can access tens of thousands of stations . We access it from this link and when we click on show all, we will see a list of countries in order to find their available online radio stations.


It is worth mentioning that to filter the searches a little more here, we can do these both through countries, as well as cities around the world, even by states. Once the fields are defined, we will be able to choose the corresponding radio stations., special for the national scope

But in the event that we do not want to complicate ourselves so much with thousands of available stations and we want to limit ourselves to our country , this is a great solution. It is, an online platform that we access from here and that focuses, as we say, on national stations.


In this way we will have the possibility to select the most listened to, those in our area, filter by genre, or by themes. Then, in an additional way, the platform also presents us with a good number of stations from other countries in case we want to expand even more.

AccuRadio, veteran website with content channels

Actually, the main difference between this proposal and the rest of those discussed is that here they do not offer us online radio. However, we will find a huge amount of streaming content from around the world that has been selected for its quality when it was broadcast. They are basically focused on music, so we can choose from a huge number of genres, artists and types.


You can access all of this from this link and choose what we are most interested in listening to at that time from among the exposed types., national stations and something else

In this case we will talk about a proposal that initially also focuses on national stations . Thus, as soon as we access it, we find a series of shortcuts to the most relevant of the moment. Therefore, if what we want is not to search through endless lists of these elements, this is also a great option. We can access it from this link .

Emisora org

In the upper left corner we find a drop-down list that allows us to filter the search by regions, genres or radio stations .