Procreate 5: animation wizard, Photoshop brushes and more for the best iOS drawing app

Procreate has just released a new update of its popular creative application that bears the same name. Version 5 is full of interesting improvements where the new animation tool will please many and could become essential for digital artists who also make video. If you have an iPad and you like to draw, it is worth taking a look. Here we show you the most attractive of Procreate 5.

Procreate 5

Within the iOS App Store there are many drawing applications, but not all achieve the same level of recognition. Procreate can say that it is the best and for some directly the best. The company has managed to be a reference in terms of drawing tool in iOS thanks to its multiple options for drawing and other very powerful features.

Now version 5 is released with new tools and improvements to existing ones. And really, if you have an iPad and you like to draw, it’s worth a try. If you also dedicate yourself to video or want to give a different touch to your pieces for social networks too. Because the new animation tool can give a lot of play.

ProCreate 5 Features

The first thing that should attract attention is its improvement in performance, with an engine that takes full advantage of the new version of Apple’s Metal architecture. Then there is Brush Studio , with this you gain more control in the different brushes offered by the application. You can modify existing ones or create new ones from scratch according to your preferences.

Related to brushes, you can now modify the colors of the paths and add a secondary one. That way you can get striking results that in previous versions would have been happy accidents. And from here many more things like Color Companion and Color Harmony, the import of Adobe Photoshop brushes or the cloning tool.

Animation Assist Procreate 5

Of course, if there is an important novelty for certain types of creators, it is the Animation Assistant. This is nothing new, it is the classic Frame a Frame animation option. That is, as if onions of paper sheets were treated, you will be able to draw photographer by frame and then reproduce them one by one and generate that movement effect. In this video you can get better at the idea.

If at any time you have created animations of this type you will already know the possibilities it offers and how everything works. Now, all that together with the creative tools of Procreate will allow you to create many effects and animations that could then be integrated into all kinds of audiovisual productions such as videos for YoutTube, social networks or anything else you can think of. In this video you can get better at the idea.

If all this were not enough, you also have the option to make Time Lapse of your work and export it at 4K resolution so you don’t lose any quality. In summary, if Procreate 4 was already a great application, with this version 5 they take an important step forward and further strengthen their position as an essential iPad app. Ok, only if you have creative concerns. But it does not matter if you are professional or just want to make some specific strokes, if you want to exploit the creative sales try it.