Problems with the Weather App on iPhone: How to Solve Them

One of the simplest and most useful things about a smartphone is being able to see the weather forecast at a glance. However, this functionality is not without problems and it may be that of a specific failure. That is why this article helps you solve the errors in the Weather app on the iPhone.

Sources from which the weather data comes

Although many may be confused by the fact that the Weather app is native to Apple, the truth is that it does not obtain the data by itself. The iPhone does not have a thermometer with which to measure the current temperature and it is not a guess as to predict the weather of future days. The sources of this data reside on The Channel , an international weather forecasting service.

Problems with the Weather App on iPhone

This service is even accessible from its website , although it is not necessary to enter its URL manually in Safari, since if you click on its respective icon in the Weather app on the iPhone it will automatically redirect you. This, without being one of the most accurate, is in the end one of the most reliable services that exist and with which Apple has an agreement to be the main provider of its native applications.

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Restart the iPhone before problems

Whatever your problem with this app, it is best to first restart your device. That is, turn it off and on after a few seconds. Perhaps this may seem like a silly solution, but it can be really useful when there is some background process that is causing problems, since when shutting down it closes completely. If the Time bug is not fixed in this way, keep reading the other possibilities that we show in this article.

Check if you have the latest version of iOS

iOS 14.2

Some versions of the iPhone software may contain a bug that causes problems with applications, including Weather. Therefore it is advisable to always have the latest version available. To check if there is a more recent one you must go to Settings> General> Software update and if there is an update you will see the option to download it and then install it.

Internet connection failures

If the weather application does not finish loading or does not show the temperature of a certain place, it may be due to a bad internet connection. As we said before, this application feeds on third-party data, which is obtained through this connection. Check that you are connected to a WiFi network and that it has good speed. If you have mobile data, also check the speed. In either case, it is advisable to try browsing the internet with Safari to see that everything is fine. If there is a problem with your internet, you should contact your company to help you solve it.

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Location issues

Another failure that can be caused with the weather app is that it shows the temperature and forecast of places that you would have added manually, but not of your exact location. This may be due to the fact that you do not have the location of your iPhone activated or that you have not given permissions to the application to access them.

For the first, you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location and check that the corresponding box is activated. If you also want to check the permissions of the Weather app, in this same place you can go down to where said app leaves, click on it and you will see these options:

  • Never.
  • Ask next time.
  • When using the app.
  • When using the app or widgets.

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Obviously if you select the option “Never” you will not be able to access your location. It should be noted that an option called “Exact location” also appears, which when activated not only records the city in which you are, but also the exact place within it.

Weather widget glitches

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With the arrival of iOS 14, a version that brought new features to the widget, there were some problems precisely with the Weather app. Usually the fault is that the data does not appear or the widget looks completely black. If you have already checked the updates and restarted the iPhone as indicated in previous points, you can try to delete the widget and put it back . That way, the problem is usually fixed almost always, but if not, you will have to wait for an iOS update or, in the worst case, format the iPhone and configure it without backup. In the latter case, you should know that you will lose all your settings, although you can keep a series of data such as photos, calendars or notes that are synchronized with iCloud (you can check it in Settings> your name> iCloud).