Privatezilla, a Program to Improve Windows Privacy

One of the sections that users take the most into account, in general terms, of a PC or a mobile phone today, is everything related to security and privacy. This is largely due to the private and sensitive data that we increasingly deal with. But for example, in the case of Windows, we have certain specific applications such as Privatezilla .

And of course, these concerns related to privacy and security , could not escape the most used PC operating system. We refer to Windows 10 , a software that currently works on around 1 billion computers, which is not little, a number that is increasing. But this not only applies to Windows, but it also extends to Linux, Android or iOS, among others. That is why users are increasingly bothering to take certain precautionary measures to avoid future problems or troubles.


Focusing on Windows 10, we will say that this is precisely a software that has had many problems with this issue. This is something that has occurred largely due to the telemetry that Microsoft implements. Say that this is the one that is responsible for collecting user data to send it to the firm. Microsoft says it is to improve the product, but of course, the majority are against it all.

Improve privacy on Windows with Privatezilla

It is for all that and for those who care about this section in the Redmond system, that we are going to talk about Privatezilla. All despite the fact that Windows 10 privacy options have improved a lot. More if we compare them with the first versions of the system that received so many criticisms. We see these when we install the software, functions that we can customize. In the same way, we have the opportunity to manage all this through the Settings application.

Datos de diagnostico

Anyway, in this sense, many users want to have more control. One reason is that not all of these features are as clear cut as they should be. At the same time, you should know that there are a series of options enabled by default for basic telemetry that cannot be disabled. That is precisely where Privatezilla comes into play, an application that helps us manage the privacy and security settings of Windows 10 itself.

You have to know that we have a free and open source program that does not even require installation on the PC , since it is portable. Thus, we only have to download the program and run it in Windows to start configuring it. The first thing we come across here is a simple user interface divided into two panels.

How to use Privatezilla features

Here, the panel that really interests us is the one on the left side of the main interface. Here what we are really going to find is a wide list of options that we can mark, or not. How could it be otherwise, these focus on the privacy features of Microsoft’s operating system . So the first thing we have to do is take a look at everything that is offered here.

Interfaz privatezilla

It is also worth knowing that Privatezilla is currently updated to deal with options up to Windows 10 version 2004 . Therefore, as we mentioned, all we have to do is take a look at each and every one of the available options. Those that we want to activate or analyze, we only have to click on them using the marker on the left.

How to analyze Windows privacy

Of course, we must bear in mind that the program has an analysis function of the status of all the functions presented here. Thus, for this, what we have to do is, as we have commented, mark those that interest us, and at the bottom of the right panel, we find a button called Analyze.

Analizar Windows

What this really offers us is the possibility of knowing exactly the Windows privacy options that we have activated by default, or not. This way we will know what we are exposed to at that moment, and what are the functions that we can take care of from Privatezilla right now. Once we know these data, we can start to get down to work.

Disable the privacy features you want

What we are talking about focuses on the analysis, but to make the changes effective as such, we have to use another control. In this way, once we have selected the options that we really want to deactivate, in this case we only have to click on the Apply selected button .

Aplicar Privatezilla

This is a button that we find in the lower right corner of the main interface of the program. We must also bear in mind that the program deals with elements of the operating system as such, in addition to other programs integrated in it. For example, from here we can also customize the privacy of the Edge web browser , or the DRM of Windows Media Player .

Other alternatives to Privatezilla

  • PrivateWin10: here we find an application similar to the one we have mentioned to comfortably customize the Windows privacy options. We can carry out all this through an intuitive user interface where we find a multitude of functions distributed among the categories that it exposes us. To be able to test it, we only have to download it from here .
  • Debotnet: on the other hand we find Debotnet , a program that, among other things, deactivates the system’s telemetry, disables the functions that can share data with Microsoft and allows us to choose which functions we want to deactivate. Thus, to test this specific software, you can do it from this link .

How to download Privatezilla for free

After all the above, we remind you that Privatezilla is a totally free and open source program. In fact, you can find it, along with its source code , on the GitHub development platform. From here we will also have the possibility to download it to improve Windows privacy, all from here .