Problems with One UI 4 force to stop the update of Samsung

Problems with One UI 4 force to stop the update of Samsung

The final version of One UI 4 was released for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 less than a week ago. We are talking about a totally stable version, no betas, which began its deployment in South Korea but has now had to stop unexpectedly. The reason? Some problems detected by numerous users.

Although it has not yet been deployed internationally, several users of Samsung’s folding, the Galaxy Z Flip have published some complaints about the problems that occurred after installing the One UI 4.0 update that, remember, brings the latest version of Android to mobile phones with flexible screen. In some cases, these problems are quite serious, as the smartphone ends up blocking.

Samsung Galazy Z Flip 3

One Ui 4 glitches

The bugs do not distinguish between phone model and those who have in their possession a Galaxy Z Flip 3 or a Galaxy Z Fold 3 report that their phones have entered recovery mode after installing the update. But it is not the only problem with One Ui 4 as other clients of the brand have witnessed how some applications do not work, when before they did it normally, so it seems that there has been some error in the optimization of the system.

There are also those who point out that the dark mode has stopped working normally when in Android 11 no problem was found, and that certain screen flickers occur randomly. Less worrisome is that apps like Dual Messenger do not work correctly and that while using the mobile it is observed that the performance drops slightly.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

To a lesser extent, there are also customers of the brand who have mentioned problems with the camera . Apparently the images are automatically removed from the gallery and there are some phones that offer poor audio quality in the recording. Others have reported that their phones are stuck at a 60Hz screen refresh rate, while there are people who shared the camera app that has stopped working after the update.

Given the large number of bugs , Samsung has been forced to suspend the launch before things go to major. The brand’s decision is to make users wait a few more days to have One Ui 4 on their terminals in exchange for everything going perfect, eliminating all these problems. Of course, this is a temporary decision until a fix is found, but a specific date when the update would be redeployed has not been determined.

When does it resume?

Actually, although Samsung has some responsibility with its customization layer, the truth is that the arrival of Android 1 2 is being somewhat chaotic, but not only in the brand’s devices. In Google’s own operating system, as we saw a few days ago, critical operating errors have been found. The good news is that the more you know, the easier it is to fix it and it is quite likely that Samsung will find the root of these problems soon and a solution would be available not too late.

Something good had to have this type of software never arrive in Spain first, so we make sure it arrives later, but in perfect condition.