Problems Updating to EMUI: Cause of Errors and Solution

We are all waiting for EMUI 10 like May water. The final straw would be that, once received, we face one of the dreaded EMUI update errors that prevent us from finally bringing Android 10 to our brand new Huawei smartphone.

The update problems are not exclusive to the Chinese brand, but it is true that the customization layer may present some flaws during the download or installation of the new software. If this is your case, we will review the most common mistakes and try to solve them.


Remember that to update your Huawei smartphone in versions prior to EMUI 6 you must follow the path Configuration> System update> Check for updates. From EMUI 8 onwards it changes slightly to Settings> System> System update> Check for updates. In EMUI 10 you must go to Settings> System and updates> Software update

EMUI 10 en el Huawei Mate 20

The classic EMUI “Fatal Error Starting Device”

This is an EMUI error that appears after applying an update incorrectly (either because of a corrupt file or because the mobile has been turned off during the process or for any other mysterious reason). To solve it, we must clean the memory by accessing the Recovery mode of the system by pressing the Volume Up and Power key at the same time during device startup. In the menu that appears on the screen, scroll using the volume keys and confirm the assertion with the power button and select:

  • wipe data / factory reset
  • wipe cache

If the problem persists, enter the phone in safe mode and locate the latest apps installed on the mobile that may be causing the problem. Uninstall them and start the phone normally.

Huawei update errors

Before updating a smartphone from Huawei (and from any other brand) there are 3 things you should keep in mind to avoid updating problems and possible headaches:

actualización emui

  • Make sure the phone is connected to the Internet before updating, preferably to a Wi-Fi network to avoid incurring mobile data charges.
  • Make sure the mobile has at least a 30% charge before updating.
  • Make sure you have made a backup so you can use it in case of failures or problems.

After doing so, these are the most common errors that prevent EMUI update .

Unable to download update package

The most widespread update error is the one that directly prevents downloading the “update” file. During the download process, an error message is displayed stating that the update package has not been verified despite reaching 100%.

This is because a problem occurred during the download due to possible Network instability.


Settings > Applications> Update software > Storage > Clear data

Then restart the phone and try again. If it still does not work, restore the factory settings of the mobile and try again.

actualizar EMUI

After installing the update package, the phone is unable to apply any more updates

This error appears when the installation package downloaded to your Huawei smartphone is incomplete or has some fault that has allowed it to be installed on your mobile phone but incorrectly.


Settings> Update software> Software update> 3-dot icon> Download the latest update package> Install

This will allow us to search for the latest version of the operating system for our phone, eliminating the previous update that is causing the failure. If the latest update package is available, use it to update the phone.

Download percentage does not progress

Again it seems that it is a problem of Network that is preventing the download of the complete update package, which is why we must “restart” the app Update the mobile software again.


Settings > Applications> Update software > Storage > Clear data and Clear cache

borrar caché

OTA update failed

This problem is related to HiCare. The update process is interrupted at 90% progress and suddenly shows this screen on your mobile, stating that the downloaded package is incorrect:

error hicare


In this case the solution is somewhat more complex and involves accessing the eRecovery mode to download the complete update package.

Connect the phone to a computer with a USB cable and when it is turned off, press and hold the volume up button and the lock button until the phone vibrates and enters Recovery mode and again using the volume keys to navigate and the lock to select, follow the following path:

Download latest version and recovery> Download and recovery> Select an available Wi-Fi network.

The system will download the latest full package to end the EMUI update failure . When the update is complete, the phone will automatically restart.